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Written by Huttabito on May 26 2017

Nick Riewoldt was the most expensive forward in 2017 @ $549.5k and with good reason. Posting 105 in Rd1 despite going down in the final quarter with a knee injury, he was expected to miss anywhere between 2-6 weeks (words from his very own mouth).

10.3k of his 22.4k Rd1 owners held on for the week and were rewarded with a miraculous recovery period of 1 week, for him to return with 161 and 97 over Rds3-4 to accompany a little price gain. Since then, he has posted 79, 113, 65, 75 and 77 to fall to $463.6k with a BreakEven of 120 despite his ownership coming back up to 18.7k. Had the Saints not played Hawthorn in Rd6, he would most likely not have scored that 113 given he looked like he was going to throw up all day.

With his knee clearly still troubling him which is limiting his mobility and in turn, his SC scoring over recent weeks, the big man is being rested for Rd10 meaning he will not play for at least the next two weeks.

While this posses concerns for current owners it provides hope for others as 2 weeks may do him a world of good and given his price point and potential, he could be a very valuable pick up after their bye if he gets his knee right.

So, what are your thoughts on N.Riewoldt?

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1 thought on “Poll – Big (N)Roo”

  1. I am holding strong on N Roo.

    Held him for the first injury week and do not really want to waste a trade unless he really dudes it up after he comes back.

    The last thing I want to happen is not give a premium a chance to perform then burn me in the “butt”.

    Held him for long enough now whats a few more weeks.

    Cripps I held from the start and now showing the form we want.
    Treloar, pretty much the same thing.
    Sandi, cannot believe people are trading him out based on 1 week sidelined. SC site, so short sighted.

    The only one I did trade early was M Boyd, but he was really showing he is not part of the New Bulldogs structure.



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