Poll – Bubble Busters Rd6

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 27 2016

With all the focus on Nat Fyfe and his replacements, we’ve (nearly) forgotten about the possible downgrade options for the coming Round of matches.  Assuming they’re named on Thursday night, there are four possible downgrade targets that will be playing their third game on the weekend before their initial price rise.  Those players are: (Name, Club, Price, Position, Average, BreakEven)

* Tom Lee (STK) $123 900, DEF, 66, -60

* Tim O’Brien (HAW) $123 900, FWD, 61, -49

* Jayden Hunt (MEL) $123 900, FWD, 45, -18

* Liam Sumner (CAR) $123 900, FWD/MID, 41, -9

What are your thoughts on the rookies above?  Is there one that we simply have to bring into the side this week?  Or is it best to wait a little longer?  Let us know in the poll below and feel free to argue your case in the Forum…………

Which of the following players 'on the bubble' offer the best downgrade option? (max. two)

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18 thoughts on “Poll – Bubble Busters Rd6”

  1. None. The week to jump on rookies was last week (Byrne-Jones, Byrne, Wagner, etc.).

    None of these 4 are particularly appealing.


  2. Wright next week, can’t trade in an unknown after one week, injuries may occur.
    Papley for Wright next week.
    Papley should get Be.
    Lee risky for j/s
    Tucker for Dea next week.


    1. If you hung onto Papley, then I wouldn’t be considering offloading him just yet. 1 of his 2 poor scores has left his price cycle, so if he scores OK again this week, his B/E will likely drop.


    1. I would consider it. I remember missing out on zorko’s first price rise and being too stubborn to bring him in only too watch him peak at around 500 k about 10 rounds later.
      I hated that guy for a whole season after!


    2. While it may seem annoying, I’d probably let that ship sail. There are still downgrade options coming up in the next few weeks that can be used to full advantage (Tucker, Josh Smith & Petracca if you don’t have him)…….


  3. Just for the records, Tommy Lee has played 2 potential top 8 teams in the Hawks & GWS

    33 touches ….. Inc 10 contested & 25 effective, 3 inside 50’s, 6 rebound 50’s & Went at 68%de v Hawks & 85%de v GWS

    At a mature 25 years old, 6’4″ & 91 kg’s, if his body stays ok he’s there to stay IMO


  4. New to AFL. Can someone please tell me what Wright’s JS is like? Is he only injury cover, or likely to stay, barring being dropped on form? Cheers.


    1. A lot of injuries on the Gold Coast, he was bound to get a run sooner or later. Played pretty well on debut, he might be safe for a few weeks yet. His price still won’t change for another week, can sit on it till then (see if he gets named for a 3rd game)……..


  5. Contemplating culling a fwd like Menadue, switching a DPP to the fwds and bringing in Lee but I need to put some more research into this trade.


    1. Yeah I’m thinking similarly Roo will be interesting as I’ve been holding Keays and Petracca since the start and useful loops! Hope the lack of cash doesn’t bite me later in the year!



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