Poll – Bye Trading

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 31 2017

Another one from our new Polling Station that was requested by stumped.  He’d like to know how many trades we’re all using over the Bye Rounds.  Are you close to completing your perfect team?  Are you going all out?  Or trying to conserve?


How many trades are you planning on using over the Bye Rounds?

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14 thoughts on “Poll – Bye Trading”

  1. rank 615 , 3 trades this week ,
    s.reid , belic & either myers or mutimer (dep on whos named) out
    scharenberg , strnadica & martin in via DPPs
    brought in goldy last week to cover sandi so can swing nank fwd this week
    next week hibbard in for stewart
    leaves only I rookie on field , newman
    gives me full premo exept for hibbard , sandi , nank , burton & newman
    I see scott selwood , beams , swallow etc as traps
    avoid them unless u have extra trades up yr sleeve
    saving barrett , Houston & greenwood on bench for cash generation
    R11-18 , R12-21 , R13-16 13 trades left


  2. Planning to use 5-6 trades these few weeks so i can upgrade the team and get through, but i certainly don’t need to use this many to field 18. (left with 11-12)

    But you can’t ignore Greenwood or Danger if you have the chance (tried last week just couldn’t fit him in)

    I would almost be concerned if you weren’t using any trades these weeks, because i wouldn’t think you would already have a full team or i would be in envy over it


  3. Bringing in Greenwood this week, and maybe another named downgrade.

    Should give me 18 or 19 available. Only Steele, Doll, Doc, JPK and Simpson as missing premos.

    I can afford Hibberd and maybe TLynch next week. then Bont( high BE) the week after.

    This will leave me with 11 trades and 20 playing R13.

    I will still have to field 1 rookie R14. Its been that sort of year.

    On a side note…

    I really hope Sandi gets up this week. Freo looked terrible without him.

    I’m really not looking forward to life after 211.

    Wanted Giant Ruck,
    Must not suck at playing footy.
    Please apply at Fremantle football club in person.
    If you don’t have to duck to get in the door, don’t bother coming.


    1. Think I’m with you BWK but might go 2-1-3 pending team selections tomorrow and if I need to cover any 0’s


  4. Thanks Schwarzwalder for the poll and keep up the great work mate! 🙂

    ATM, barring any unforeseen crises, I will be using a 3-2-2 trading approach over the bye period consisting of 4 downgrades & 3 upgrades, leaving me with 11 trades remaining and 1 upgrade left to make in defence.

    I also have Sandi & JJK in my team but will look to hold them both and hope that Sandi returns either this week or next otherwise I may be staring at a couple of donuts in Rd 13. But I’m not too fussed now that my ranking has slipped to 1200ish and will be primarily focusing on a long-overdue cash league win this year!


    1. You should be good on Sandi as they are saying he will be back this week, but Ross Lyon is ya know…..


    2. You’re welcome, thanks mate!
      I got JJK as well, still umm-ing and ahh-ing about that one. Only brought him in two weeks ago, not having much luck there…….


      1. I’m in the same boat with JJK.
        Keeping him this week as I have 20 on field.
        But I need him for rd 13. If he looks out for longer, Yeo swap for around 30k, if you have few trades up your sleeve.


        1. As I’m concentrating on league glory now I think I’ll most likely take a hit in Round 13. If I go ahead with my trade plans I will have 21 playing in Rd 11 (if Sandi is named), 20 in Rd 12 and 17 in Rd 13 (if JJK is still out).
          As the majority of better downgrade rookie options have their bye in Round 13, I hope that Bolton & Cunico (who both have Rd 12 byes) keep their spot in their respective teams so that I can trade them in Rds 11 & 13 respectively. Fingers & toes crossed!


  5. Unsure yet none this week want Newman- Lloyd in round 13 and Stewart down Barret up when there Be’s are ready



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