Poll – DEFs Byes Are Over

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 14 2018

Roo Bloke put his hand up in the Polling Station to find the best players on each line that have already had their Bye.ย  That means all players from WCE, WBD, HAW, CAR, PTA & GCS have one more game than their counterparts from the remaining 12 clubs.

Imagine for a moment that you have none of these players in your current line-up.ย  Which of these defenders would you prioritise getting into your team for the last ten weeks?


Are any of these DEFs viable options for the run home in Supercoach? (three choices)

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13 thoughts on “Poll – DEFs Byes Are Over”

  1. How’s Harbrow an option lol biggest burnman from last year

    98 Pre bye average
    85 Post bye average and missing 2 games


  2. Top 3 + Hurn
    Byrne-Jones might be a smilie with his increased midfield time. Thought he was great against the Tigers last week. Will be watching him again tonight.


  3. Top four are all strong candidates with Sicily maybe front or back depending on how you’re going forward. That said in terms of targets for this week it’s Hurn #1. Clear standout down back this week IMO. Watch him score 20 this round now!!

    My problem is i’m seeing options down back that i want this week (Hurn for sure and Simpson if i can make it work) but i’ve already got swingman Sicily up forward and my cows that are ready to send to the abattoir are fwds and mids (Ronke, Spargo, Henry in particular). Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………..


  4. Opinions on:

    Out: Coffield, savage, Holman
    IN: Yeo, Webster and giro.

    Leaves 60k 10 trades with backline complete


  5. Ryan Burton @ 336400 is a valid option for those on a tight budget.

    Made debut late 2016 playing the last 3 home & away games, then played in the Hawks 1st final in which he sustained a calf injury.

    Last year in his second season averaged 83.7 from 20 games, scoring 89 points or above 11 times on his way to being runner up in The Rising Star Award.

    Badly injured his in ankle in Round 1 this year which no doubt affected his output but prior to the bye was just starting to run into some good form. He will play every game if he can stay fit & potentially be a sound D6 in the short term & a great D7 later in the season.



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