Poll – Dirty DEFs Done Dirt Cheap

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 22 2017

The vast majority of Supercoaches will have to make a decision on Caleb Marchbank very soon.  In a year that has been totally devoid of decent rookie options, Marchbank has enjoyed stable job security and brought in an avg of 76pts.  Now at $376k and a BreakEven of 97, Marchbank may be ready to move on.

With cash generation being a major problem, one might not have enough to reach those uber-premiums in DEF (if you don’t already have Docherty, Laird & Adams).  So which of the value DEFs (under $500k) would you recommend to your fellow SCT Coaches?  Which of these thrifty choices is most likely to be a Top 6-8 defender FROM THIS POINT ON?  Let’s hear about it…….


Best DEF upgrade targets that are under $500k? (three choices)

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18 thoughts on “Poll – Dirty DEFs Done Dirt Cheap”

  1. Hibberd with the round 11 bye so I’ll be wearing his price increase this week of about $30k then bringing him in


  2. I plan on wearing Marchbank’s inevitable price drop this week and then trade him to the Doch after the bye. It wouldn’t make any difference if i went early and did it this week but there are some viable rookies to get this week


  3. Im making the move to get Harbrow in as the round 9 bye is now a big plus. Looks the goods this year as his disposals are well up and consistent for once. Fingers crossed it stays that way.


  4. I Agree that Harbrow looks like he is in good form this season . Just needs luck with injuries and he should rack up the numbers in a defence that will see plenty of ball. Bye being done and dusted is a massive plus


  5. Actually looking at Pittard. He missed some good conditioning time early in the season with his injury. But he’s had a run of 5 decent games.

    Avg 26 disposals @ 77% de with a 2:1 kick-handball ratio. Only 4.8 Contested though and he probably needs to keep the clangers down @5.2/game but otherwise he looks solid.

    However, I havent been able to actually watch a Port game besides the Showdown with Adelaide, which Pittard did not feature in due to his injury.

    I would maybe be hoping for him to increase last years output by about 5, to be somewhere around 95pts. He seemed a very consistent player last year and thats a trait I would love in my backline to compliment having doch, simpson, laird and adams already on the field.

    And most importantly for me is that he will be there through the heavy byes.

    Rance is sitting as the alternative option because the Rd 12 bye also helps with structure.

    Tough call but I cant stop myself these days from looking at both he and Tom Lynch (GC) come the Round 11 bye.


  6. In my humble opinion Pittard is worth a good look.
    Playing through the byes and good enough for D6 or D7


  7. LLoyd, Hibberd, JJ not an option with Rd 11 bye. (Get later if need be)
    Rance next to Higgins on the Never Ever Ever Ever list.
    Zach W BE too high
    Zac T throws too many 60’s
    Howe an option but doesn’t have the consistency, average, POD or no more byes of……
    Jarrod Harbrow

    Welcome to D6 young fella….


  8. If this goes through twice I apologise as I posted earlier but I wouldn’t put Rance on same list as Higgins.


  9. Hibberd and Harbrow are pretty damn similar statistically but there are a few noticeable differences. They’re both sitting at around 6 contested/20 uncontested possessions a game, both have similar inside-50 numbers, 1 %s, effective disposals and roughly similar kick:handball ratio and disposal efficiency (73% vs 77%).

    In Harbrow’s Favour:
    – Has the nod with more tackles (2.2 vs 0.6 yes that is correct Hibberd is averaging less than 1 tackle per game. Bonafide seagull)
    – Slightly more goal assists. Not surprising with big Lynch to kick it to.
    – Gets a couple of clearances. Hibberd essentially none.
    – Is averaging only 2 clangers a game, half that of Hibberd (4) and is giving away slightly fewer free compared to Hibberd (0.7 vs 1.2).

    In Hibberd’s favour:
    – Rebounding 50s are enormous (7.2). Averaging almost twice as many as Harbrow (3.8). Seagull factor allowing him to float on the outside, recieve and take off. If/when Melbourne get their fwd line sorted more of these rebounding 50s should hopefully convert into score involvements.

    Personally I’ve gone with Harbrow. He’s 35K more than Hibberd but he’s available throughout the byes which is massive for me as I’m going for league wins. He looks to be in great nick and from watching a few Suns games he looks to be their most creative outlet coming out of defense. GCS fixtures from here on in are fair; 6 of their remaining 14 games are at home with surprisingly only 2 in Vic; Hawks @ MCG and Saints @ Etihad. The Hawks game I expect Harbrow to go big as Hawthorn are getting picked apart by speed, and as for the Saints game Harbrow has a decent record against them over the last few years (I think).
    Also I’m worried about Hibberd hitting a wall. Didn’t Hibberd have an interrupted pre-season with his leg issues? That plus the extended time off has me thinking he might hit some fatigue issues down the line.


  10. That annoyed feeling you get when you look at your planned double “upgrade” trades and realise you are $700 measley short of Hibberd and the mid you wanted!! Hmmmmm rethink time



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