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Written by Schwarzwalder on June 9 2017

Mrfosak asked the question of Sam Docherty in the Polling Station……the best way to get your polls happening at SCT!

Like many Coaches out there (yours truly included!), he’s looking to get the #1 Defender into his side as quickly as humanly possible.ย  The problem is that Doc doesn’t drop too many bad scores.ย  One of our resident statisticians, Adam, pointed out that Doc has only gone under 80pts in 9 of his last 51 games.ย  Only two of those games were under 70 pts, underlining his near-fanatical consistency.ย  So what should I……..I mean Mrfosak, do about Doc? ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Should we go all out and get him in straight away?ย  Or wait another week or two?


Get Docherty into your side now or wait for that one bad score?

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3 thoughts on “Poll – Discount Doc”

  1. I didn’t vote on either.

    I’m waiting a week or 2 only because there are value picks with low break evens available in the short term. Players like Hibbered, Rockliff, Bontempelli and Lloyd take priority for me.

    Given that Doch isn’t likely to change in price any time soon, he’ll likely be my last upgrade in a couple of weeks.

    If you aren’t concerned with grabbing the value players, then now is a good a time as any.


  2. My only query is whether to grab Doch or a seemingly underpriced Hibberd this week?

    I currently have Adams / Laird / H Shaw, and will go Otten to J Lloyd in 2 weeks’ time.

    I am still questioning whether Hibberd will play out a strong season – given he has just had 12 months off?

    And I have the funds for Marchbank to Docherty this week.

    T / up Go the Doch
    T / down Get in the underpriced Hibberd



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