Poll – Dust ON, Dust OFF

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 3 2018

There’s been a similar reaction to the 53.4% of Coaches that own Dusty in 2018.  It goes something like this……..

After a blistering start to the season, Dusty has just managed two tons in the last nine games.  His average has dipped from 119 in 2017 to 100.5 this season.  Even more troubling is his three-Round average of just 78.3 pts.  Can Dusty turn it around?  Is he a trade-in target for the last eight weeks?  Or should we just avoid him for now?


Is Dusty Martin a trade-in target?

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12 thoughts on “Poll – Dust ON, Dust OFF”

  1. Ima start slapping anyone in the polling station from next week who asks about Dusty 😛 if my maths is right, that’s 6 polls in 7 weeks.

    Think by this stage it’s pretty straight forward. At $450k, if you have him, he’s lost so much money (over $200k) he’s not worth the trade given “potential” so move him to the bench ASAP (if you can, I can’t 🙁 )

    If you don’t have him, you have the opportunity to see him knock out a couple of 100+s in a row and he’ll still be priced the same and you’ll have more confidence in grabbing him on the run home.

    Something just isn’t right with him this season. He’s won the Brownlow, has a premiership, brand new multi-million dollar contract – almost like he’s happy just going in 2nd gear now, especially with the club still winning and on top of the ladder without him trying.


  2. I’ve just traded him in, hoping that he’ll turn it around. Also Frees up extra cash for other things. Its been exhausting cheering against him for the last 15 weeks.


  3. Debated for so long between dusty vs Danger and now neither have quite delivered what we expected. Sometimes all the research in the world isnt enough.


  4. I am a Dusty fan and have been keen to get him since rd4 but he is just not showing the form needed to fill a midfield spot. He may find form over the next few weeks but I need to see it before I believe it.


  5. Dusty will drop to 420k , don’t even waste yr money , @ 400 he’s not worth it , with the tigers top 4 finish all but sealed up , 80 PPG from this point is not an unrealistic outcome
    not gna give 100% when there’s no bone in it for him ,
    come tigers finals & the chance of another flag , he will probably play out of his skin , but as for SC , its over ,
    he’s gna be this years fantasy burn man by a country mile & on many never again lists ..


    1. If he can’t turn it on before the home-and-away season is over and the Tigers don’t win a premiership, I’ll likely be bringing him in as my M5-6 next year @ 450k.


  6. Given how many times this poll has been up, it is clear that he is not performing. This is not a slump, it is a pattern and there is nothing to suggest it will change. It is the fingers-crossed strategy operating here (think Billings, Hibberd…. it doesn’t work because the evidence shows it won’t). Hold Dusty if you want but expect 80 points (sometimes times, sometimes less) each week from here on out, barring some substantive change in role, position etc.



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