Poll – Early Season Bolters

Written by MJ on April 7 2016

This poll is a continuation of Schwarzwalder’s magnificent Flavour of the Week post.

Of the top 10 traded in players thus far, four of them have been rookies (Papley, Adams, Kennedy, Parish). The rest are more consolidated players, who may appear to have taken a step up in 2015.

Jason Johannisen ($418k DEF) scored 113 and 129 in his NAB Challenge matches and has continued that form into the season with 130 and 123 (incredible consistency). Quite remarkable for a bloke who only averaged only 77 last season and only once scoring above 107 prior to this year. Can he maintain the rage?

Aaron Hall ($428k FWD/MID) 81, 123, 131 gave Aaron Hall plenty of hype in pre-season and he’s proven his supporters right with 129 and 124, lighting it up in the Suns midfield.

Luke Parker ($538k MID) 128, 119 and 73 in the NAB gave many the confidence to pick him as a breakout contender into the elite midfielder category. 161 and 116 makes him the 2nd highest scorer so far.

David Zaharakis ($414k MID) 118 and 89 was a decent pre-season showing, but stayed well under most SuperCoaches radars. His current owners would’ve been stoked with 132 and 133. Big breakout year looms with Bomber absences, but will he be good enough for your midfield 8?

Tom Liberatore ($357k MID) NAB: 107 and 41. His final game would’ve spooked a lot of pre-season owners to give him the flick. 115 and 118 to start the year is better than we could have even hoped for and has coaches who missed out scrambling to get him back in before the price rises. A continuation of this form will result in huge price gains.

Josh Gibson ($489k DEF) 142, 85, 145 in the NAB Challenge looked like a few outliers compared to what we’ve known from Gibbo over the years as a consistent 85-90 averaging SC player. 85 and a ridiculous 191 gives him a five-game average of 129.6 – impressive!

Are we getting sucked in, or will these hot starters continue to deliver for their new owners?

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27 thoughts on “Poll – Early Season Bolters”

  1. Got Hall & all of the rookies who will rise.

    Rockliff is out for Libba (whom I shouldve started with!)
    Gresham will become Lightning Johanneson
    Parker mayyyybe next week but no interest in Zaka as M8 or unreliable Gibbo.

    Exceptional price rises expected from JJ, Weitering, Adams, Brown, Libba, Kerridge, Mills, Hewitt, Davis, Wells, Hall, Kennedy, Paps, Tippa. Glad Ive got them all :))

    Laird, JJ, Weiters, Dea, Adams, Lonergan (Brown, Ruggles)
    Gaz, Fyfe, Danger, Libba, Shiel, Cripps, BCrouch, Kerridge (Mills, Hewitt, Davis)
    Goldy, Nicnat (someone)
    Wingard, Buddy, Wells, Hall, Benken, Papley (Tippa, McGovern)


  2. JJ to come in for me and MAYBE Ablett, Zerrett or Zaha.

    Ablett will not see much price growth, but hard to reject his consistency if fit.


  3. Similarly to the majority by the looks of that poll I’m just not 100% sold on JJ. But at the same time I have an under performing Michael Barlow that’s going to cause nothing but grief. JJ seems like the best choice of replacement as there aren’t really any under 500k fwds that I am particularly enamoured with (already have Hall).
    I’m beginning to doubt the move though and considering giving Barlow more time.
    Ehh Supercoach hey…


  4. I looked at JJ stats last year and he had 14 games of 20 or more disposals and only had 3 scores under 70 in wins. So I reckon he can be a top 6 defender as the Doggies are looking like a top 6 team.


  5. I already have basically all of the rising rooks so no need for any correction trades from me in that sense.

    My issue is I have SJacobs, Yeo, Barlow and Rocky.

    It appears all rucks are due for some kind of decrease so I’m not too concerned about sauce. So the 3 thoughts I have in my head is some combination of:

    Yeo -> Johannisen
    Barlow -> Waite
    Rocky -> Zaharakis

    I’m interested in peoples thoughts on Waite, he’s been playing well, North’s draw looks favorable over the next 6-8 weeks and he’s always been a good proposition when he’s in form besides his brain fade’s that get him suspended.

    TU – barlow/rocky to waite/zaha + cash at bank becomes $443,700
    TD – barlow/yeo to waite/JJ + cash at bank becomes $333,500

    Comment with other thoughts!


  6. I don’t think we have to tell you the risks of having Waite in your side. May work but you’ve got balls if you do


  7. I currently have all the good rookies and getting JJ this week for Barlow via DPP, but I’m wondering if its best hold of getting Ablett this week and get Parker or just stick to Ablett.

    TU- Get Ablett this week
    TD- Get Parker in now and Ablett later


  8. team h shaw laird jj sheridan adams wietering emer dea brown mids fyfe ablett danger r gray libba cripps m crouch kerridge emeg hewitt greesham davis nic/nat goldy em wyatt hall wells kennedy s gray papley mcarthy emer tippa mgovern do i trade or hold used 2 trades


  9. Luckily I got all the Rookies, as well as JJ and Hall.

    Only think I am really upset about is my lack off DPP options. Means my forwardline is pack but my mids depth is terrible, not helped by Sidebottom sitting on the pine for another week.

    So I cant afford to hold Rocky. Im sure he’ll bounce back at some stage, but no preseason and injury on top of injury I just cant take the risk.

    T/U – Rocky and Gresham – Gray and Hartly (opens up, F/D and M/F)
    T/D – Rocky and Gresham – Gray and Petracca (opens up M/F and F & C loop holes)

    Comment Rocky and Barlow – Mitchell and Gibson (Both premo’s, but I will have to field to ave mid rookies and no DPP options open. Finally. I am not sure Barlow is not worth just keeping)


  10. I don’t need to make any rookie corrections as I have all the good ones. This week I’m trading out rocky and Barlow for Parker and Hall. I was thinking about Zaka but I can see the Bombers having some big losses as the season goes on which might affect his scoring a lot . JJ is a pass this week wanna see how he goes against the Hawks.


  11. First trades for the season, going to do the obvious Rocky to Parker, but the other trade, do I go:

    Gresham to Papley – up

    Barlow to Papley – down



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