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Written by Schwarzwalder on June 15 2017

Roo Bloke requested a number of polls in the Polling Station this week.ย  He wanted to know how our predictions have changed during the course of the year………starting today with the Final 8.ย  I can tell you that we were fairly confident of Hawthorn during the Pre-Season Edition of this Finals Poll.ย  Who do you see sneaking into the Final 8 from here on in?

Who will make the Finals in 2017? (eight choices)

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For those who are curious, ESPN did some mathematics this week to determine each teams chances of finishing in retrospective parts of the ladderย using the Elo rating system.


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8 thoughts on “Poll – Final8”

  1. My Ladder:

    1. Adelaide
    2. GWS 76
    3. Geelong 72
    4. Port Adelaide 68
    5. Richmond 60
    6. Bulldogs 56
    7. Essendon 52
    8. Melbourne 48
    9. Sydney 40
    10. West Coast 40
    11. St Kilda 40
    12. Collingwood 36
    13. Gold Coast 32
    14. Fremantle 32
    15. North Melbourne 28
    16. Carlton 24
    17. Hawthorn 16
    18. Lions 8


  2. Prediction…

    Round 22 – Dons shock loss to gold coast.

    Round 23 – Eagles upset crows giving assuring themselves a finals berth.
    Round 23 – Demons beat pies putting themselves in 8th place.
    Round 23 – Dons capitulate under pressure and lose to Freo knocking themselves out of finals


  3. Hey Schwarz, i can’t seem to vote for the 2017 premiers. You’ve left North off the list mate. Obviously an oversight on your behalf.


  4. Around this time of year, there’s always a team around this time that is going really well, and suddenly stops going well, falling back towards the bottom of the 8, or even out of the 8 altogether. Given that they are the only team in the whole league yet to beat a current top-8 side, my vote goes to Port Adelaide.


  5. While it is hard to see sydney getting into the 8, they are only 2 games behind and have won 4 from 5.

    I’m backing them to scrape in at this stage.

    Freo at 78%, West Coast, Essendon and Melbourne are all quite vulnerable. I can see Sydney knocking at least a couple of these teams out of contention, and I suspect West Coast mght do ok on the run home once Lycett and Nic Nat are back.

    So my two ins are Sydney and West Coast and Two outs are Melbourne and Essendon.

    But I wouldn’t be shocked tobsee the dogs miss the 8 and one of those teams get in.

    I’m thinking



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