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Written by Schwarzwalder on May 16 2018

Matt asked us to look at the best Points Of Difference in every position at the Polling Station last Monday.  Very interesting proposition especially if you’re looking for something different from the pack.  I’ve decided to skip on the Rucks, considering that Gawn & Grundy are over 20+ pts (on average) better than the next Ruckmen.  Last up are the Forwards………..

I’ve classified ‘POD’ as any player that is in under 7% of all teams.  The following players are listed in order of total pts till now.  Who do you see as the best forward PODs?


Who are the best forward line PODs? (three choices)

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6 thoughts on “Poll – FWD PODs”

  1. Rory Lobb? Lot’s of people had him in their teams at the start of the year but got injured early. Scored 107 in his first game back and only $382k


    1. Yep, playing off half back but will have those numbers curtailed when Marchbank and Weitering return I imagine. Williamson will be back in 2 or 3 weeks too probably. Playing well though.


  2. Brought in the hassle hoff this week hope he goes statespherich from here on in and turns my season around



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