Poll – FWDs Byes Are Over

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 14 2018

Roo Bloke put his hand up in the Polling Station to find the best players on each line that have already had their Bye.  That means all players from WCE, WBD, HAW, CAR, PTA & GCS have one more game than their counterparts from the remaining 12 clubs.

Imagine for a moment that you have none of these players in your current line-up.  Which of these forwards would you prioritise getting into your team for the last ten weeks?


Are any of these FWDs viable options for the run home in Supercoach? (three choices)

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8 thoughts on “Poll – FWDs Byes Are Over”

  1. REALLY wanted a fwd upgrade option coming off their bye but I’ve got Gray, Sicily and McLean already and the rest all have some form of question mark IMO. Even Gray’s got a little question mark with a real squeeze in Port’s scoring. They seem to spread their scores very broadly across a number of players rather than the SC friendly massive scores like say the Doggies have.

    If you look at JJK’s scores he’s an up and down guy and his two tons this year is when he’s loaded up on goals after the game had probably been run and won. Guess with JJK you’re buying him on his price point more than his consistency.


    1. Really rate that kid. His early season form was putrid, but something has changed in the past month and he has a 5GA of just under 90. It’s a shame he doesn’t have mid/fwd status.
      Maybe next year for mine, but good luck to the brave ones who take that chance!


  2. I have felt for a long time that Jack Gunston is the most underrated forward in SuperCoach.

    Aside from the very occasional bad game (in the order of around 1 per year), he’s very reliable, consistently averages 90-ish, and never, ever misses games.


  3. already have McLean and Gray, not quite sold on Westhoff, but happy to take a punt on JJK, he’s done well for me in previous years.


  4. I can’t believe how much Wingard is NOT being talked about…

    Had his bye
    He is a 90-100 average player when at least rotating through the mids
    4% ownership
    Scored 116 last week with 31 disposals and attended game high centre bounces
    This week almost the same – Scored 105 with another 30 disposals and playing through mids

    I brought him in myself this week and am very pleased so far!!



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