Poll – Ginger Rage

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 3 2017

The writing was on the wall in the JLT Series and now Clayton Oliver has carried that form into the regular season.  Scores of 109 & 139 in the first two Rounds have set the foundation for a massive break-out season in 2017.  Still just $382k before the first price rise comes into account, Oliver is a much sought-after commodity amongst Coaches.

Currently owned by 7.7% of all teams (and with a BreakEven of -28!), that is sure to rise shortly.  Is Oliver a must-have MID?  Can he break-out enough to crack the Top10 MIDs for the year?  Are you bringing him in this week?  How much do you rate Oliver?


Time to consider Clayton Oliver?

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14 thoughts on “Poll – Ginger Rage”

  1. I reckon you’d he’s one you’d have to had started with. Can’t see him being Top 10 for the season.


  2. I’d be worried about endurance issues. Last season he faded badly because he just didn’t have the tank which is to be expected for a young player. Even though he’s started like a house on fire this season I’m worried he’ll eventually hit a wall again (will take a few seasons yet to build up the needed match fitness) and the Dees bat deep with inside midfielders so they have the luxury of giving Oliver a spell. Also worried about Goodwin playing him purely as inside mid – will he move Oliver to get him to learn to play elsewhere on the field? Appears to be de rigueur for mids to rotate down back or up forward these days.

    Unless you started with him I’m not sure he’s worth bringing in. I doubt he’ll be a keeper so that means you’re essentially burning two trades for a stepping stone-type player to turn into a proven premo.
    I guess it comes down to how aggressive you want to be with your trades. If you like to live dangerously he’s really tempting as he’ll make a lot of cash, will (hopefully) score well and is a POD.


    1. Completely agree. He would have been a great stepping stone if you had him from day 1, but he’d be 2 trades this year once he starts to fade. He came back to the pre-season training looking like he was carrying a few extra beers and pizzas around, but to his credit dropped the extra weight. I’d still expect him to need some R&R time later in the year though. Won’t be a top 10 mid this year, but wow, he’s going to be a lock in the coming years!


  3. In my team from the start. Hopefully will keep scoring up around his average. If he does he will end up being a cheap upgrade to a top 10 Premo, and help to win quite a few League matches along the way.


    1. Not sure I’ll manage to finish that in time for this round! It is extra complicated by there being so many kinds of mid pricers. Oliver is a breakout candidate, and you really need to look at career progressions, which is months of work. I plan to do that, but most likely post season.

      But, not to say nothing useful, I see he has played 13 games in his career before 2017, and is 19 years old. How many blokes are top 10 material with that background? If he is far outperforming all other similar players, that implies he is due to regress to the mean. If there are examples of players breaking out that young, then maybe he’s for real.

      Thanks for thinking of me!


  4. I liked his JLT series so put him in my Dead Team at M7 passing on Omeara and Swallow.

    I have 203k in the bank and it seems a no brainer to bring him for Petrevski – Seton with his BE of -28 and possible good scoring for a Mid – Pricer. Oliver will be M7 or M8 already having Omeara which allows Powell – Pepper to be M9 , so he is a POD up against most teams Powell – Pepper.

    I hear people say it could be a waste of a trade , but if things go pear shaped he could be a straight swap for a Fallen premium rather than 1 up and 1 down.


  5. I had made an unfotrunate error. Season 3 and I am 3/3 making this kind of bozo move. Playing around with trades, looking ahead to the future…blah blah blah…next thing i realise its thursday night, I am watching the game, and I am still way too pumped up that Footy is on TV im Canada and confirm a trade. Always forget about lockout early in the year. Put that in the journal of ‘silly and costly errors to not make early in the season’.

    Jack Viney (durable dude, kind of my safe-ish pick, can score me 90-100, play 22 games, may be beast due to the gawn to viney connection, potentially make $, easy stepping stone, etc.) confirmed trade to Clayton Oliver. I was so angry at myself for burning the trade. (A trade wasnt necessary, i was ready to roll on with the season, ranked inside top 6k and with no ‘riewoldt-ish’ moves to make after rd. 1)

    Looks like it paid off this week. It also allowed for some rookie/team restructuring but im still nervous about his durability throughout the year.

    Bumbed to be down a couple trades now but if he can keep up his pace on ball and keep those hands nice and tidy and as classy as they have been i can talk myself into the fact that, hey, good stepping stone, and with the restructure i made to my team I can hopefully rest on trades moving forward (barring injury). He looks good so far and it was a 70ish pt improvement over Viney this week so if he keeps it up I feel like I can hate myself a bit less.

    Watching replays of the Dees games, Oliver looks fast to the ball at resets and classy beyond his years with his hands, so go for it Clayton!

    …and moments before i decided to contribute this post…

    My other mid-pricer jesse hogan received news that he will be suspended for 2 games.

    I’ll save that unfortunate rant for one of the other forums here on SCT!


  6. I’m considering it.

    I’ve watched him closely as a dees man. His endurance has increased massively and he is definitely something special.
    Freakish hands and looks to have become our number one contested ball winner.

    Tempted but not 100%.

    I’ve got the cash to do Pickett to Oliver which is in itself sounds like a no brainer – however, would mean passing on WHE..



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