Poll – Good Friday Game

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 17 2017

We now have our first Good Friday game behind us.  It might not have been the best of footy spectacles but it went down to the wire and attracted a crowd of 40 000+.  Are you in favour of seeing more footy on Good Friday in the years to come?  Or would you rather enjoy a day off from it all?  Your thoughts, please…………


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8 thoughts on “Poll – Good Friday Game”

  1. Totally agree with it. I’d take it one step further and say that the day should be shared around with all the teams. The idea that one or two teams own the day is backwards to me. Get other sides involved.


  2. Hell yeah.

    But i also believe EVERY team deserves the opportunity for blockbusters.

    The AFL needs to work out a way to deliver equity, because revenue and fans come from the big events.

    We cannot just keep giving the big games to Essendon and Collingwood.

    I’m glad to see at least one marquee event not involving the traditional power clubs.


  3. The way I see it, we all work too hard and get little time off work, so when we do get a day off there should be entertaining things to see and watch.

    But then again, I suppose I’m just used to the UK where we have had a massive soccer fixture list on Good Friday for years.


  4. Love the idea, didn’t appreciate having it at 4.20pm though. Especially if they aren’t going to broadcast the Thursday night game on free to air.


  5. I was disappointed. For all the fuss about religion, I would have thought it should have been Saints v Demons playing on Good Friday.

    Seriously though, it’s a great idea. Glad to see it finally happen.



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