Poll – Greener Pastures

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 25 2017

Froffers Hanners requested a POD poll for replacing Toby Greene over the last five weeks of the Supercoach season.

Huttabito summed it up perfectly with Toby Greene: ‘109 AFL games, 14 reports and this will be the 7th MRP charge. Can’t believe I’ve even considered him myself. As Chillo said, 100% talent, 0% brains.’

There’s plenty to choose from after Greene’s latest brain-fade.  The Forwards listed in the poll below are in order of total points for the season till now.  All options are owned by under 10% of Coaches and could provide a massive point of difference during the SC-Finals.  Are there any left-field options that you are considering?  (Player, Club, Current Price, Season Average & Ownership%).


Best POD replacement for Toby Greene? (three choices)

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7 thoughts on “Poll – Greener Pastures”

  1. Are we really recommending he goes? I’ve always held on to a bloke for a 2 week suspension. He’s not injured, he’s just a moron.

    With trades as rare as hen’s teeth at the end of the season, it’s even more of a reason to hold him.


    1. If you’re well-entrenched in Finals then it’s no problem to hold. If you simply have to win this week then you need all hands on deck……….Yes, I meant deck 😉


    2. I agree Motts.

      With only 3 trades remaining..

      I’d rather hold Greene for 2 weeks than trade in any of the above list.

      I will be playing Darcy at R2 as cover for Greene.

      Although if Gawn misses with his leg injury I may have to re think.


  2. I dont have greene but I do have walters and only 3 trades and $200 in bank (I used 2 trades and all my cash for parsons/pendles to bont/heeney last week).
    I brought in heeney so I could shift lynch to bench so I do have cover for walters as have lynch/greenwood/nank sitting at F6-8 atm.
    Im tossing up whether to swap walters to one of the guys in above poll (cant afford macrae) or use dpp link to bring in an M9 midfielder like sloane or gray.


  3. I’m holding him and off loading Lynch. Swinging Greenwood into the fwd line and bringing Dusty into mids who will cover Zorko this week.


  4. I expect to get many many thumbs down and negative comments but i am going to put it out there anyway.
    I reckon Jarrad Waite should be on peoples radar as a forward POD.
    2 main reasons for my optimism.
    1) You only need him for 5 consecutive weeks – not a whole season where he will eventually get injured.
    2) He is playing the Nick Riew9ldt role on the wing which meams he is in the play more but still hitting the scoreboard
    You can also argue just coming back from inuury he is fresh having played 1 week in the last 4.



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