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Written by Schwarzwalder on May 17 2017

News has come through in the last few hours that Harley Balic has been granted indefinite leave from Fremantle FC due to personal reasons.ย  Obviously we wish the kid all the best in his time off.ย  That whatever the reasons are (don’t want to speculate here), he gets himself in the right frame of mind on a personal level.

We as Supercoaches need to figure out how to approach this unexpected turn of events.ย  What are your initial thoughts on Harley Balic and his situation?


What happens now with Harley Balic?

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12 thoughts on “Poll – Harley Balic”

  1. Anyone know the details about Balic? I’ve got no idea, but inclined to hold until further notice.

    And now looking at two krispy kremes this weekend.

    Have Witts, so switched D.Cameron with Nank. Traded Butler for Myers (via Balic) leaving Parsons and Balic on the field and Eddy and Cameron on FWD bench.

    This season has been terrible.


    1. Seen a few tweets that are saying Balic has home sickness but nothing from any type of official or credible source.


      1. Just breaks into senior side and comes out with home sickness. Wouldn’t you want to cement a spot with the big men before coming out with this?
        AFL needs to fix these issues with young kids that clubs put their future on.


  2. I’m still inclined to trade out Butler first to max cash generation but Harley will have to go if not back fot the byes


    1. Exactly, he’s not losing value. Priority has to go to the cash burners like Butler, Hampton et al

      The obvious exception is if you’re looking at a zero or two


  3. Was really pushed for options next week for a cash grab without culling someone really early. Guess now that Balic is on extended leave I won’t feel so bad trading him out.


  4. Rumour floating around he was self medicating for depression and the club found out. Is very hone sick from what I’ve heard


  5. Even best case he comes back next week, hard to see him coming straight back into side as hasn’t trained for 2 weeks.
    Has to go, best wishes to him.


    1. From a cash-generation standpoint, Houston is probably maxed-out, but, pending selection, he will play through all three bye rounds, whereas Balic probably won’t play in any of them.

      On the other hand, Houston is worth more money than Balic, so if there is a particular upgrade that you have your eye on, then it may be worth trading him out. It really depends on what your plans are.


  6. Is there now just a general concern for people with the name Harley B?

    Is this a condition that we should start fund-raising for? ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. I did say so on this very sight.

      Harley Bs are cursed!

      Now I’ve got Ballic and Pickett stinking up my forward and mid bench.

      I only kept Pickett because of DPP.

      Ballic may have to go first.

      But I traded Newman last week so don’t follow me:/



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