Poll – Hibberd vs Roberton

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 7 2017

Snoidz & Marlins simply can’t split these two defenders as they requested in the Polling Station………..the easiest way to get your polls happening at SCT!

Hibberd has been impressive in his first season at Melbourne, averaging 101pts since crossing from Windy Hill.  With a BreakEven of just 54, his current price of $472 800 might be his lowest for quite some time.

Roberton has been freed up with the arrival of Jake Carlisle & Nathan Brown.  At $532 200 he may be quite pricey but has been holding his 104avg quite steadily this season.

So who would you take to fill that D5/D6 position?


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8 thoughts on “Poll – Hibberd vs Roberton”

  1. Hibberd 2 weeks ago – still not convinced 😛

    Roberton a luxury upgrade for me now post byes. He had a 3 week hot patch where he averaged 130 which has kept his 5 round rolling average up for 2 months now. On a 4 week average of 97 at the moment (still great) but his price tag is inflated if that’s all you’ll be getting, especially given a few $450k guys you will get 95 from.


  2. Cheers for the poll. Both play as the half back flankers for their respective clubs thus will get plenty of the pill.

    Reckon I might go Hibberd this week. Simply because of his history (averaged 95.6 in 2013 and 91.4 in 2014) and almost 60k cheaper. That $$$ saved will go to the bank for future upgrades. Seems to be loving his new club and as we’ve seen in the past a change of clubs can do a world of good i.e. Dangerfield, Witts, Jacobs, Betts, JPK the list goes on.

    Roberton at 532K I’m paying top dolla for someone who has only averaged over 76 once in seven seasons of footy. Still like the look of him and his newly found role at the Saints is perfect for SC but I’d wait for to drop a little.


    1. Proce no object Roberton. But at 60k difference Hibberd.

      Neither will make it into my team with any luck, but if one of them does it will be Roberton as a injury trade for another premo like Laird or Adams, in which case it’s a money no object trade.



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