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Written by MJ on April 21 2016

Every year there are more than a few players who leap from the depths of obscurity to the forefront of our minds with performances in the first month that not many saw coming.

I’ve listed the top 10 best performing players over the first four rounds with the condition that they are in a maximum of 5% of SuperCoach sides. Don’t you just wish you’d started with a few of these blokes to be the envy of all your mates!

Some will continue to perform well, while others may drop back to what we’re used to seeing from them in previous years. It’s all a bit unknown at this stage.

Of the highest scoring PODs, which ones are most worthy of our consideration? (max 2 choices)

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8 thoughts on “Poll – High Performing PODs”

  1. Thanks mj,was pondering this last night,mainly jarrad waite,I keep waiting for him (no pun intended) to stink it up,as I’ve been guilty of trading in players after a couple of good games,only to have them revert back to why you didn’t trade them in initially.i suppose being reactive versus pro active.on the pod,I’m toying with the idea to trade Oliver to Hanley,or am I being sucked in by what I was just talking about
    T/u good trade
    T/d your an idiot


    1. always same price around the dnagerfields,kennedys,priddis’s iv’e had him in the past and was in my preseason team he’s a jet


  2. …. yet Cotch has been smashed this season for below par efforts. Shows how hysterical many of the media has been about his efforts and also shows how he is trying to lead his players by example.


  3. I had Ziebell last year because of the forward/mid status , this year he is a pure mid so makes it hard to justify his inclusion , top 8 mid by years end most likely not but ya never know ๐Ÿ™‚

    looks like Ziebell is the main ball getter in the midfield and his disposal effeciency has improved , last years scores where affectedgreatly by poor disposal effeciency

    if Ziebell keeps it up a 110 average is not out of the question although he is also a good chance to decapatate himself with his kamakaze approach


  4. Traded in Ward last week for Crouch and was very pleased. He is the Priddis of 2012-2014 where no-one would touch him but he’d still be a top averaging mid



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