Poll – Hurn vs Crisp

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 20 2018

Nearly half of all Coaches are looking for a replacement for James Sicily.  The following guys have been popular in the polls so let’s put it to rest once and for all………..

Shannon Hurn has been solid this season with a 99.6 avg over 16 games.  He’s raised the bat in half of his appearances this year, including 116, 102 & 110 over the last three weeks.  Over the last six weeks, the Eagles face the Bulldogs (H), North (A), Freo (H), Port (A), Melbourne (H) & Brisbane (A).

Jack Crisp has bumped his average up considerably to 97.9 pts this year.  His consistency has been rock-solid over the last nine weeks, with his output not dropping below 92 pts over the last two months (six tons in that time).  In the run home, the Pies come up against North (H), Richmond (A), Sydney (A), Brisbane (H), Port (H) & Freo (A).

Is there a big difference between these fellas over the last six weeks?  Who would you rather?



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8 thoughts on “Poll – Hurn vs Crisp”

  1. I’m going McDonald…

    Cheap and allows me to hold cash in the bank for a mid upgrade to Macrae potentially…

    McD will average 95. Hurn 100, Crisp 100.

    Thats 30 points you lose and gain 50k… That 50k can save you a donut if someone goes down.



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