Poll – In The Long Run

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 30 2017

You can go the distance
We’ll find out in the long run (in the long run)
We can handle some resistance
If our TRADE is a strong one

(The Eagles)

Natopotato88 is a keen user of our Polling Station 😉  He’d like to know how many trades we should hold over for the run home to Finals.  In an ideal world, how many trades should you have left for the last 4-5 weeks of the season?  Tell the SCT Coaches all about it………


How many trades should we keep for injuries in the run home?

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9 thoughts on “Poll – In The Long Run”

  1. I’m not in it for ranking but for the league competition, as victory allows for some glorious bragging rights between friends.
    I currently have 11 trades left but plan to enter the finals with 7. Changes to plan are expected but I’ve got all trades planned right til the bitter end.


    1. True but it’s a fine line too. I’ve made a habit of running out of trades before I should and never making it to the finishing line first. Gotta try and have 2 trades for the grand final to have a reasonable chance I reckon.


  2. Being round 15 what would be a good number to still have?

    I have 13 trades still left going into this round and would expect to be making 2 trades each week until finals.

    What is healthy number to have, Thoughts?


      1. Lonners,

        its not too bad, I am not in line to compete for the major prize or anything. In 5 leagues and the worst position is 8th, leading 2 leagues and second in another.


  3. I’d definitely advise holding 4 or 5 for LTIs at this stage of the year, but personally I’m likely to find myself in the ‘boom or bust’ category.


  4. You would need at least 4-5 this far out with a full team.

    I used 4 trades after the byes last year, 1 in Rd17, 1 in Rd18 and 2 in Rd20. Didn’t have to make any in the finals and ended up with a spare. Couldn’t tell you what they were but from memory although the trades are written down somewhere, but I know I was incredibly lucky and missed a lot of the carnage and my last couple were picking up fallen premiums for bench cover. A luxury that was nice to have.


  5. I’ve got 10 left after using 2 this week. I plan on using 3-4 in the next 3 weeks which will hopefully net me Gawn ,Jelwood and possibly Roberton and still have a healthy bank balance for ugrades.
    Will have my eye on Josh Thomas over the next couple of weeks as he may well be there till the end and capable of doing a Scooter and Tonning up. Plan to have 5-6 trades for the finals .



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