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Written by Schwarzwalder on May 11 2017

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Before being diagnosed with glandular fever over the pre-season, Isaac Heeney was appearing in many line-ups in our ‘Rate My Team’ threads.  His talent has always been quite obvious but extra midfield time was being touted in his 3rd season and Coaches were keen to jump on.

After receiving extra midfield time during last years Finals series, Heeney averaged 94pts over the four weeks, far better than his season avg of 79.  His first three games back have netted him 75, 107 & 116.  Is Heeney on the brink of a breakout year?  Could he be a Top6 Forward from THIS POINT onwards?

With a BreakEven of 44, he won’t be much cheaper than his current price of $455k anytime soon.  Where do you see Isaac Heeney ending up this season?  Is he a must-have FWD?  Or needs more time to develop?

and then there’s Buddy……

Buddy came out blazing opening his 2017 campaign with 125 against Port Adelaide in Round 1 followed by 103 in Round 2 in the 2016 Grand Final replay against Western Bulldogs kicking 4 goals in each. With Sydney struggling to get a win and Buddy just not looking 100% right for a few weeks after copping a hit from Hurn, he went on a string of lesser games and averaged 76 points over the next 4 weeks kicking 1.5 goals per game.

This was until Round 7, where Sydney registered their first win for the season and Buddy kicked 8 goals for a whopping 160 points! Despite smashing his BreakEven and rising $23.2K this week alone, he is still priced at $467k, which is $47k less than his starting price. Now with a BreakEven of 32 (projected 31 next week), he is set to skyrocket to $520k by the time Sydney have their bye. Buddy has a career average of 99.7 since 2008 and is currently averaging 98.7, which suggests he is under priced if history is to repeat itself.

Now, we did a poll recently and asked the coaches of SuperCoachTalk who they would like in their ideal finishing team. The results included the likes of Dahlhaus, Macrae and N.Riewoldt as top 6 forwards for the year. Buddy was also named in the top 6 at this point however Heeney still had question marks around his health and fitness. Heeney is now back and smashing it but the only problem is… they all share that darn Round 11 bye! Surely someone at AFL fixturing was in on this?

So the question here today is….

If you were to choose between Heeney and Franklin this week, who would you pick?

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7 thoughts on “Poll – ItsyBuddyTeeny(W)Heeney”

  1. Got Buddy two weeks ago, that has already paid off.
    Bringing in Heeney this week, I have the white flag out ready for Round 11.


  2. Buddy for me. 470k for a Proven premium is a bargain. Obviously will be up and down. Swans had a poor start so I expect him (and JPK) to bounce back with a bang.

    Don’t get me wrong Heeney is a gun and will average 22-26 possessions a game averaging 95-102, but he’s in his third season and could tire. Glandular fever is also a real bitch and can strike again at any time.


  3. I think Heeney is a bit like the hibberd situation. If he started round 1 I would be all over him but at this point of year If I am going to bring him in I have to be sure he is a keeper as I cant afford to trade him out later for a premium forward.

    I do think he is more likely to be a keeper than hibberd though but I already have buddy, steele, dahl with same bye so I am going to go with Yeo instead of Heeney because I think Yeo has now proven to me he will be a top 6-10 Fwd this year whereas I need to see more of Heeney.


  4. Owner of Buddy but will have to skip Heeney. Dahlhaus, Macrae, Franklin and Steele in my forward line already so I cannot take a 4th Rd11 player. Just wasn’t to be.


  5. I’m leaning towards buddy purely because I’ve had glandular fever and k ow how hard it is to get over. It also is important to note I can come back within the first 12 months after if you over do it (was told this by my doc).


  6. Chose Heeney over Buddy last week. Want both. Heeney a bit more of a risk with the fever and he is still unproven. Still want Buddy but that Round 11 Bye is unattractive at the moment so I’m leaning towards Yeo for now. Lance could still be a post-bye option depending on his form and how much. A big jump up is in the cards this week but who knows after that. BE might sky rocket again in a couple weeks if his form drops again.


  7. Have both, think both are keepers. And reckon Heeney will be a mid/fwd next year to have locked from rd1.



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