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Written by Schwarzwalder on August 23 2017

Jack from Team Salamander would like to enquire when you ran out of trades this season.  If memory serves me correctly, Jack was running on empty after Rd19?  My last trade was used on Pendles as we came into the Finals Series (Rd20).  As a result I had no replacements for Joel Selwood or Tom Lynch.  How about you, Coaches?


When did you run out of trades this year?

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12 thoughts on “Poll – Jack All Trades”

  1. Had two left for the prelims and decided to attack and not die wondering by using them both. Had coverage on each line for the granny.

    Ironically, both my trades to theoretically bolster a prelim score, failed to reach triple figures. Hopefully those two can help the team out this week!!


      1. yep , luckily I used a different strategy this year , avoided starting with all the older , injury prone guns , bar Adams , instead started with players like doc , m crouch , oliver , Kelly , danger , Mitchell , nank , Lloyd , newman dusty laird etc , most of my trades went on upgrades , did get burnt on omera n pendles , selwood went down when I traded them in before the finals , holding sandi for 6 weeks on the pine was the only other burn , all in all I avoided most of the injuries


  2. My last 2 trades were…

    R21 Selwood to Bont. 108 and 45.

    R22 T Lynch to Zerrett. 92.

    We have had a very honest review (think Leading Teams). I expect them both to respond this weekend.


  3. Used my last trade last week. I had planned to have one available for this week but unexpected injuries to usually durable guns such as JPK, Joelwood, Pendles, Neale put me on the back foot. Witherden will have to cover Adams this week. #hoperemains



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