Poll – Job Security

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 29 2019

We’ll try and incorporate this poll a little more often…….

Which of the available rookies “on the bubble” have the best job security?


Which of the following rookies is most likely to 'hold their spot' in their respective teams? (three choices)

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12 thoughts on “Poll – Job Security”

  1. Given their clubs respective injury lists, you’d think Hinge, Baker and Begely have the best JS- in that order.

    Good thread btw, Schwarz. Will be very helpful for those downgrading.


      1. Shaw said he’s gna play the kids for the rest of the year no matter what & give the kids in the 2’s a shot to see who stands up


  2. I know the temptation is to jump on Hinge, but are there any other viable rookies approaching in the coming weeks?

    Trades are gold and I’m tempted to pass this week.


  3. Still hoping that Richo wants to see more of Young. He wouldn’t have got a lot out of the game on Sunday and would want to see where his strength lay in future Games.


  4. As a bombers supporter I reckon Begley’s JS looks very solid right now…….

    Although he will probably get dropped tomorrow night now that I have said that……



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