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Written by Schwarzwalder on August 1 2017

He’s been a SC-Beast for a few years now.ย  Lately he hasn’t been pumping out the tons as we’re used to with Josh Kennedy. ย Now there are doubts on his fitness after a hamstring strain against the Hawks. How would you handle JPK right now?


What to do with JPK?

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12 thoughts on “Poll – JPK”

  1. He’s gone for me. I’m doing a high risk, high reward trade this week, cos although I’m in finals, there’s no way I can win with my current team, too many under performing “premos”. So I am doing:

    OUT: JPK and Nank (Adams moved to MIDS)

    IN: Shane Savage and JJK

    I get rid of two under performers, and in return get a super POD in Savage (0.3% selected!!!) with a 5 round average of 100, and a much better player than Nank in my FWD’s, with a good run home, and is also a bit of a POD with everyone trading him out when he was injured.

    I wouldn’t do this trade during the regular season in a million years, but if I want to win finals, I need that little something extra to get me over the line.

    Tell us what you think!


  2. With Danger out JPK has to be a must trade if he misses as it not as if he has been setting the world on fire.

    I think i will Trade JPK even if he plays as he is sore and if his Hammy does not hold up an injury riddled score will follow. If named and people hold him then he must loopholed on the bench IMO being an injury risk.


  3. One of my worst premo picks for the year. He gets a lot of the ball but for some reason it doesn’t translate into the massive supercoach scores his been previously capable of.


  4. I’m holding, even if he doesn’t play this week. He’ll be handy later in finals. I’d prefer to offload the spudly Shaw instead, and thinking of Seb Ross as a pod.


  5. Schwarzy might want to get a poll up on whether to hold or trade Witts. Witts has been ruled out this week and is doubtful for next week with a shoulder injury. Source Gold Coast website.


  6. Thoughts on freeing up a bit of cash by going:
    – JPK —> Beams, which allows me to go:
    – Nanks —> Ryder


  7. Ive got double chance in all my leagues so I will be holding. Need to shift out walters for macrae first.
    I will be covering danger with witherden and if jpk is out it will be a choice of greenwood or nank (by moving one of mid/fwd premos to midfield)



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