Poll – Kelly vs Dusty

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 26 2018

It seems to be a popular question in Trade Talk this week so let’s settle this………..

Josh Kelly hasn’t quite hit the heights of 2017, but has still been able to pump out some big numbers this year.  His last six weeks have produced 146, 149, 96, 94, 82 & 130.  Kelly’s last five opponents are: STK(H), CAR(A), ADE(H), SYD(H) & MEL(A).  Currently priced at $533k.

Dusty hasn’t gotten close to his 2017 form but is still capable of flicking the switch at any moment.  His last six weeks were mostly disappointing with 85, 88, 62, 99, 110 & 139.  Dusty comes up against COL(H), GEE(H), GCS(A), ESS(H) & WBD(H) over the last five weeks and is priced at $475k.

So who will score more pts over the last five weeks?


Who will have a greater SC-output over the last five weeks?

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11 thoughts on “Poll – Kelly vs Dusty”

  1. Dusty looks to be moving a lot better than he was mid year but I would still rather be with Kelly who is playing for a team that has to keep winning. Dusty picks and chooses the weeks he works hard.


    1. He’s been carrying an injury since R5 that now looks like its coming good. Moved completely differently last week than the previous 11


  2. Next poll on Dusty is going to be involving Slim Dusty for all i know just so they can post another one 😉


      1. Tiger’s fan btw and i think dusty is warming up just nicely , been in my team all season,a bit up and down but never thought of trading him.


  3. Dusty is averaging over 100 barely lifting a finger. Now he’s putting in the hard work hoping to peak for finals. He’ll smash it



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