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Written by Schwarzwalder on February 22 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a rock all week, you’ll know that Huttabito highlighted the ‘Perils of the Premium FWDs’ with the problems facing us all.  Nailing the right mid-price FWD(s) might just prove to be a massive advantage in the grand scheme of things.  I’ve limited the price range from $250-$475k and you have up to five choices.  Fire away, Coaches!!


Who are the best MidPrice FWDs for 2018? (five choices)

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8 thoughts on “Poll – MidPrice FWDs”

  1. Surprised how Stringer is in 20% of teams but doesn’t have the same support from SCT readers.
    Only 2 mid price players are above him in Petracca 24% and Christensen 20% and then the next best is Sicily at only 10%.


    1. The cold hard fact about Stringer is that he’s only manged 8 scores over 100 in the last 3 years (56 games).

      His best SC year was 2015 where he averaged 78.

      I think he’d need to seriously overall his game style to be SC relevant, not that it can’t be done. His career so far has been as a burst player, usually relying on other players to feed him the ball and he finishes. He doesn’t typically win the hard ball, so his time in the middle will be limited, unless on the wing.

      On the other hand, I’m not sure why, but I tend to think he similar to Ryan O’Keefe, who was a floating forward and became quite the midfielder. But can Stringer do it and can he change it all in one year?


  2. As i discussed in a previous thread, Ah Chee (WC) and Balic (Melb) are both around $250K and are currently in my ‘possibles’.


  3. … and if you had a crystal ball / flying Delorean and knew that Wells could play 22 rounds, you’d lock him. But he can’t and he won’t so you shouldn’t and won’t.


  4. A lot of potential great choices but then again lots of choices that could go wrong.

    Sicily, Petracca, Smith, Curnow, Mclean and Robinson all have potential to be good pickups but its whether you take the risk and if you do how many.

    In saying this none are currently in my side! My F3 hasn’t made this list


  5. I’m really watching Petracca, looks very likely to spend more time in the mids.

    I currently have McLean in the team and Sicily down back, but Gunston is right on the edge.


  6. I am not convinced Devon Smith will get a large amount of mid time. It could be a preseason furfy. I will watch the JLT with interest.



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