Poll – Nanking

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 24 2017

After a blistering start to the season, Nankervis continues his slide to mediocrity with another 54 pts yesterday.  Admittedly the conditions weren’t great for a Ruckman at the G yesterday, although Mumford managed a 107.  Plus Nank The Tank has been sharing the load with Ivan Soldo recently.  So where does this all leave him?


What to do with Toby Nankervis (RIC)?

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7 thoughts on “Poll – Nanking”

  1. All come down to how many trades you have left i think. Any more than 4-6 you would look at trading, any less than that and you would have to hold.

    Would make a great F7/R3 backup if you have that ability.


  2. It doesn’t help when he has only 3 hit-outs to advantage like yesterday. Surely Hardwick can’t persist with both when Soldo managed just 1 hit-out to advantage.


  3. If you have the trades in hand and the money in the bank, trade him to Ryder. Otherwise, you need to weigh up the extra points you might get from another forward, versus the points you could lose by not having any ruck cover (unless you have someone like Sean Darcy at R3, in which case go for it).
    Also keep in mind that the forward stocks are very thin this year, so holding Nankervis probably isn’t costing you has many points as you think it is.


  4. Nank is my ruck insurance so he will stay. He has been a great F6 but I might let Greenwood take his place.



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