Poll – Oliver’s Twist

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 8 2019

Slats asked the question in the Polling Station and we’re only happpy to help!

Clayton Oliver was firmly entrenched in our Top8 MID selections over the pre-season.  After 71, 141 & 95 in the first three Rounds, have you changed your mind about Oliver and his ‘Top8’ status?

Do you still see Clayton Oliver (MEL) as a Top8 MID for the season?

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11 thoughts on “Poll – Oliver’s Twist”

  1. Have to look into the fact that Melbourne have lost 3 in a row, that doesn’t help on the scoring output.
    Using Adam’s stats it shows there is a clear 5 point difference.
    Premium Wins Avg: 115.19 from 26 (6/26 below 100, 9/26 120+)
    Premium Losses Avg: 110 from 18 (5/18 below 100, 6/18 120+)

    You also have to remember it isn’t just about the average, it depends on how many games they will play too. Do you see Oliver more likely to play out the 22 games than someone like Macrae?
    On last years points Macrae scored 2414 whereas Oliver 2523. You only have 30 trades, so use them wisely!


  2. If anything, was always going to start slow due to limited pre-season but 44 touches in Rd2 shows he’s good to go. It’s a long season.


  3. And yes again.

    Am thinking MEL will come good and Oliver will only improve as he gets games into him.

    I’m gonna stick my neck out (not too far) and say top4 MID.


  4. I didn’t start with him because I thought with the surgery / interrupted pre-season, he’d have a slow start (by his standards). He’s still averaging 102 for the year and once he’s back (maybe 1-2 weeks), should get back to his usual 115-120. That would put him top 8-10 by season’s end. Great early upgrade and definitely hold if you have him.



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