Poll – R2 Upgrade?

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 10 2018

Jello asked the question in the Polling Station of upgrading to Grundy at this late stage of the season.  While ‘only’ in 18% of teams, Grundy is the 2nd highest pts scorer for 2018 with only Max Gawn ahead of him.

With seven weeks to go, is it worth upgrading to Grundy at this late stage?  Stefan Martin is the next best Ruckmen in Supercoach but has averaged 20 pts less than Grundy all year (similar gap with last 3 & 5 Rd Avg).

Getting under everyone’s radar (again), the 4th highest scoring Ruckman is Ben McEvoy with an avg of 100 pts.  He suffered a depressed cheekbone on the weekend after a clash of heads with Josh Dunkley and could now safely be upgraded (set to miss a few weeks).

5th highest scoring Ruckman is Todd Goldstein who has ‘only’ averaged 99pts for the year.  A closer look at his recent form however, will show that he has just about matched it with Grundy.  Goldy’s last 5 Rd Avg is 122pts, only 5 pts behind Grundy.  That’s a strong case to stick with Goldy for the remainder of the year.

How do you rate the situation, Coaches?  Is Grundy a must-have?  Or should you risk another big fella and hope he scores similarly over the next month or two?


Is it worth bringing in Grundy as R2 for the last seven weeks?

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11 thoughts on “Poll – R2 Upgrade?”

  1. Just looking at the upcoming fixture for Grundy it goes WC, North, Tigers, Swans, Lions, Port, Freo.
    That does not look that bad but when you look at the ruckman especially towards the end, it may reduced Grundy’s score and the last 3 look like Stef Martin, Ryder and Sandi.
    For those looking to use him for leagues, those last few games may hurt for grand finals.
    If you have the trades then there is no reason why you can’t trade to Grundy, just keeping the eye on the upcoming opponents.

    I do recall an article calling a fixture about the ruckman, couldn’t find it though


  2. I have NicNat, 4 trades, and would need to use 2 of them to bring in Grundy. Realistically, I’m not going to win overall so at this point I think my best option is to just hold. Unless NicNat is injured/rested in which case I’ll have to pull the trigger.

    At the end of the day, I don’t think I want to get to finals in my league’s only to field donuts due to injuries and no trades


  3. Looking for some advice please. Playing in 2 cash leagues and should finish top 4 in both. At full premo if you consider C Curnow & Boak as keepers. 6 Trades & $443000
    cash. Until reading this I was upgrading Nanks to Grundy which should give me 26 pts more per game going on 3 rd averages.
    Would you do the upgrade or bring Gray/ Franklin/TMac and use Curnoe/Boak as swingman. Already have Ahern, Sier, Cole & Moore on the bench


  4. Brodie Grundy 2018 averages vs ruck tiers (updated):

    A: 104 from 2 (high 110, low 98, 0/2 120+, last 3: 98, 110, N.A.)
    B: 126 from 7 (high 155, low 95, 3/7 120+, last 3: 155, 136, 113)
    C: 132 from 4 (high 141, low 109, 3/4 120+, last 3: 109, 137, 141)
    D: 143 from 2 (high 152, low 132, 2/2 120+ last 3: 134, 152, N.A.)

    With that out of the way, we can look at his upcoming fixture:

    Round 17 vs West Coast: Nic Nat (A/B – an A-grader when he’s on the ground, but TOG is very low) and/or Lycett (B/C)
    Round 18 vs North Melbourne: Goldstein (B)
    Round 19 vs Richmond: Nankervis (B)
    Round 20 vs Sydney: Sinclair (A/B)
    Round 21 vs Brisbane: Martin (A)
    Round 22 vs Port Adelaide: Ryder (B)
    Round 23 vs Fremantle: Sandilands (A) or Darcy (C) or Apeness + Jones (D)


  5. I’ve got Goldstein…just cant justify trading to Grundy which may only be a 50-70 point gain on recent form



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