Poll – Rankings (post-Byes)

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 20 2017

Natopotato88 previously asked us to keep an eye on the Rankings of our SCT Coaches, before (results HERE) & after the Bye Rounds.  So how did you negotiate the Byes?  Are you better off overall?  Did your plan come to fruition?  Or did everything work out without a plan?


How did your overall Ranking change over the Bye Rounds?

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Where are you currently sitting in the Overall Rankings?

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19 thoughts on “Poll – Rankings (post-Byes)”

  1. The first 2 weeks of the byes was pretty good for me went up 4k to about 6500. Said I would only use 5 trades and that turned out to be 8. Last week was a small gain but could of been of more but teams and injuries were a setback. Overall happy with how I made it through


  2. 52,686 before byes , 33,098 after byes .
    Fair improvement ,but coming off a lowish base.
    Planned pretty well with 20,22,19 on field.
    Had a few rookies playing each week , but it was
    more some premos in rd12 and 13 that lowered my scoring expectations .
    Ave 1765 over the three rounds


  3. 510 -> 518

    Probably an indication my team has settled, shame I couldn’t hang onto 274 after Rd12 but the last bye was always going to be a killer. Had I hit my projected 1960 I would have been fine but when the premiums who get me to where I was decided to not rock up and only get me to 1635, it was the final nail in the coffin.

    Turns out my
    “Bye structure? Couldn’t tell you to be honest and I’m not fussed. Injuries happen, premiums/rookies will come and go and I will build towards it 3-4 weeks out.”
    Is not the best approach….


  4. Not the right thread, but related to polls ….

    Would be interested to know how any people are looking at trading in Max Gawn once he is named, either immediately or waiting a week or two. Currently priced at $595,900 with a BE of 210 -do we know how much he will drop in price if he scores around 100 in his first game back?


    1. Chillo posted these yesterday on the BE thread, shoutout to him:
      If Max scores 80 in each of Rd 14 and 15: $479K, BE 127
      If Max scores 90 in each of Rd 14 and 15: $491K, BE 114
      If Max scores 100 in each of Rd 14 and 15: $503K, BE 102
      If Max scores 110 in each of Rd 14 and 15: $515K, BE 89


  5. 5438 to 2031 and used 6 trades. Average of 1,830. Fairly happy overall with Zerret, Neale, Gawn (hopefully) and one of Heeney/Greene/Wallis to come in over the next 4 weeks.

    SC gods permitting of course…


  6. 156 round 11 -> 173 round 13
    Scores of 1777, 1775 & 1840
    Used 8 trades throughout the byes. Bringing in Rocky and putting him as C in round 12 really hurt.

    My highest rank all season was 140 in round 3 so I haven’t fluctuated too much since then. I’d love to crack the top 100 though!

    Team is pretty much complete. Might consider some luxury trades like letting go of Fyfe, Steele, Newman, Nank, maybe Tuohy. But with only 8 trades remaining the only one of these likely to get the chop is Fyfe out for Martin or Pendles in.

    Started to bring in non-playing players at basement price for that max cash gain! Eg. Stndica, Sproule, Junker, Jarman (all these have DPP)


  7. overall before bye rounds – 7,807
    overall post by rounds – 765

    time to hide my trade button until finals LTI’s permitting.


  8. 56,065 to 38,261 over the byes with 9 trades used consisting of 4 downgrades (Sandilands, Newman, C McCarthy and Z Fisher) and 5 upgrades (Out:Taranto, Turner, Hampton, SPP and WHE) which helped fund the selections of Dahlhaus, Docherty, Macrae, Ablett and T Lynch.

    Slightly below my aim of being ranked 35,000 exiting the byes as I fielded 21,22 and 19 over the 3 weeks but the typical mediocre/sub par premium/rookie scores as well as captaining Pendlebury in Round 12 cost me from achieving my goal.

    Averaged 1743 over the byes (RD11: 1740, RD12: 1764, RD13: 1725)

    After this weeks trades I have 7 trades left with 3 premiums still to be brought in for the D7 position (Adams/Roberton/Johannisen), F6 and F7 position (E Yeo/I Heeney/J Kennedy/ T Nankervis/ P Ryder) and maybe a luxury trade of Steele if funds permit. The aforementioned trades will provide me with a def/mid, fwd/mid and fwd/ruck swing to cover any potential injuries and to loophole premiums for the remainder of the season.


  9. Bombed a bit was 723rd heading into R11 then went 240th, 306th and now 687th.
    Totally stuffed up R13 copping donut due to a game starting sooner than I thought and bought in Lynch for Steele :/ (should have been 105pts better off so 390th).
    Team is now rested and in good shape for the back half of the season with trades in hand and a bit in the bank.


  10. 2798 pre bye and 2318 after – used 8 trades
    Ave 1776 so not spectacular but at least not backwards.

    Could have been 97 better off had I not left smurph on the bench Sunday – big mistake, huge!


  11. Started R11 3635. Finished R13 3962.


    Ryan in this week?

    I hate bringing in FURL rookies. Always seems to be cursed.

    Maybe I should go Mountford?

    Nah. Brown next week.

    So its Bont or Lloyd.

    T/U Get Bont now finish Mids . leave Stewart/ Berry D6

    T/D Lloyd M8 this week. Bont/ Cripps next week.

    Will Have 9 trades left after these moves.

    Still looping F6 Greenwood / Bolton.


  12. 5064 pre byes 849 post byes..
    5 trades used scores 1870,1952,1856.
    Can’t seem to find my trade history but at a guess I think my ins were as follows.
    Wines,Yeo,Wallis,S.Selwood, Melican ,Bolton.( Theres six there I know , maybe Wines was the week leading prior to the byes)
    Outs(From memory)
    Ottens ,Taranto,Steele, can’t think of the other 2 at this stage.
    I must admit I have had mainly luck more than good management at this stage (with regards to the player’s scores who I had brought in and rookies that I stuck fat with). Trading into the byes worked well for me , from memory I think had something like 17, 18, 15 playing prior to the byes, Wines traded into the first bye round with 18,Wallis,Bolton,Melican, and Yeo in the following bye rounds.
    If anyone knows how to find trade histories on mbl and/or tablets I’ll happily oblige to fill in the missing ins and outs.


    1. Managed to find a desk top
      Rnd 11
      Out Pickett , Myers
      In Bolton,S.Selwood
      Rnd 12
      Out Taranto, Otten
      In Melican, Wallis
      Rnd 13
      Out Steele
      In Yeo


  13. Dropped about 1,000 spots in the overall over the byes but that’s not due to lack of strategy or poor planning. A really poor week this week cost me from a combo of premos under performing (Bont, Shaw), recruits not delivering (J Selwood), injuries (NRoo) and unexpectedly DUIs (Harbrow).



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