Poll – Real Deal #1

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 11 2018

Cobey & James requested some polls in the Polling Station on Monday.  So we’re here to help out……

Christian Petracca has started the season well with 95, 85 & 106 against Geelong, Brisbane  & North Melbourne.  Still reasonably priced and very affordable, should we consider Petracca as a Top6 FWD for 2018?


Is Petracca the 'real deal' this season? Will he finish as a Top6 FWD?

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Jack Billings has been all the rage during the pre-season but the Saints have stumbled over the last two weeks.  Much doubt has now been cast over the Saints after two heavy losses and a tough draw ahead.  Is Jack Billings still considered to be a Top6 FWD?


Is Billings the 'real deal'? Will he make the Top6FWDs this year?

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15 thoughts on “Poll – Real Deal #1”

  1. I would like to ask the same about Coniglio. Is he the ‘real deal’ this season? Will he finish as a Top 8 mid?

    Up – Yes, definitely!
    No – Can’t keep it up all season and/or likely to get injured


    1. If you’re picking him now, at $500k, you’re assuming he’s going to be a keeper in your team, probably @ M8. However, if you started him, or got him before his first price rise of $47k, there was always a chance that, if he eventually slowed down, he’d have increased in price enough to have justified trading him out (even if he only gets to about $550k, that’s still a $100k profit + some significant on-field points).

      Personally, I’d still be considering bringing him in now. I didn’t start with him, and freely admit that. It appears that, so far, it was a mistake leaving him out. However, I managed to get him in via some additional cash freed up from Ryder’s injury in R1. However, I wouldn’t be trading out existing premiums to get him in, unless they have injury issues or notable role-change issues.


      1. To be honest, Cogs maybe responsible for Kelly’s woes, not sure how that works, perhaps less mid time for Josh?


        1. I feel the same way which is a double whammy for me. Kelly under performing and I do not have Coniglio who is flying.


  2. RE: Petracca, he seems like he’s living up to expectations as being a solid selection. However, if you didn’t start him, I wouldn’t be rushing to bring him in, as he’s had a couple of relatively easy games so far, and he’s up against Hawthorn and Richmond in the next 2 weeks. He’s still relatively cheap at only $446k, having only increased by $13k this week, and his B/E is still 74, so it’s unlikely that he’ll be significantly more expensive.

    RE: Billings, there’s no evidence to suggest that he should be traded (no role change, no injury, etc.). He just had a crappy game last week, couldn’t really get near the ball. But balance that against his 1st game where he scored 133, getting up into the midfield occasionally and kicking a couple of goals. Unfortunately they’ve got a pretty tough run coming up, with Geelong, GWS and Hawthorn in the next 3 weeks, but it’s no reason to trade him out.


  3. Concern for me regarding Petracca is Viney returning. Will get less midfield time and will probably return to scoring 80-85ish


  4. Positive feed back for all these players is swayed by owners hoping, rather than being astute.
    In the pole, maybe should have added ( jury is still out)


  5. Dunkley..? Almost traded for gray last week glad I held seems to be building hopefully can keep him all year..?


  6. Petracca’s midfield time has improved but he needs to learm how to rack up big numbers. Perhaps due to fitness issues he is fading a bit late in games and his goal kicking is rubbish. Overall though he has produced more than his owners paid for so we can’t complain!


  7. any chance on getting a poll on the fwd rookie with the best js
    options include:
    jack henry (geelong)
    mitch crowden (freo)
    jack higgins (rich)


  8. People need to keep in mind that Billings started last year slowly as well:

    Jack Billings 2017 Average Rounds 1 to 3: 65
    Rounds 4 to 6: 86
    Round 7 onwards: 100

    As for St Kilda’s general crapness, he did have a sizeable win/loss differential, but was still able to post a decent average when playing in a losing side:

    Average in wins: 100 (High 136, Low 53)
    Average in wins from round 7 onwards: 108 (High 136, Low 57)

    Average in losses: 85 (High 112, Low 55)
    Averaged in losses from round 7 onwards: 92 (High 112, Low 66)


    1. Yeah, I think the whole “Saints are crap” thing is overblown. They weren’t exactly world-beaters or contending for a premiership last year (when he averaged 93).



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