Poll – Real Deal #2

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 11 2018

Jack The Salamander has requested a few things from our Polling Station on Monday and we’re always happy to help………..

Bryce Gibbs moved from Carlton to Adelaide over the off-season and it has sent his Supercoach numbers skyward.  With all of the tagging attention heading to teammate Sloane, Gibbs has started 2018 with scores of 116, 127 & 120.  Will he continue on in this vein of form or is it simply a purple patch about to end?  You tell us………


Can Bryce Gibbs maintain his form and finish as a Top10 MID?

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Lachie Hunter is seeing plenty of the ball down at the Kennel with opening scores of 102, 114 & 142.  Hunter had similar spurts of form during the Dogs’ Premiership year of 2016 yet still ended the year on a 94 avg.  Have things changed dramatically since then?  Is Hunter now the ‘Real Deal’?  Or is it just a handful of decent games?


Will Lachie Hunter end the season as a Top10 MID?

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6 thoughts on “Poll – Real Deal #2”

  1. If you look at Lachie Hunter’s last 10 of last year, he is just continuing in that vein. Impressive. But a ‘No’ from me 😉


  2. any chance on getting a poll on the fwd rookie with the best js
    options include:
    jack henry (geelong)
    mitch crowden (freo)
    jack higgins (rich)


  3. Who’s the Real Deal in the Forwards!?
    Trading up to a hopefully a top 6 FWD Premo…

    T/U = Michael Walters
    T/D = Robbie Gray


    1. Mundy.

      I see him as a much safer option injury wise. He may not have the ceiling of the other two ,but he rarely goes under 90 and hardly misses a game.

      I assume you already have Heeney and Mclean.


  4. Both No for me.
    I can see Lachie Hunter increasing his average to near the 100 mark through natural development and maturing as he is only 23 years of age and especially now that Libba is gone and Bont is playing substantial Ruc & Fwd minutes he should see increased midfield time and less time of a half forward or half back flank. While this boost is nice it is not enough to justify his selection as a midfielder that ideally should be delivering an average of 110+.

    For Gibbs, my stance is that he may boost his average back up to around the 106 mark as he has done in 3 previous years as he won’t see as much attention at Adelaide behind Sloane and even Crouch whereas at Carlton he was definitely one of their best midfielders and is easier to shut down in comparison to a Cripps type who wins more of his ball on the inside. Additionally, Gibbs has been to known to go on hot streaks and then come falling back to earth as suggested by last year’s rollcoster of an intital streak of 7 games going 115, 109, 140, 90, 208, 101, 142 for an average of 129.2 and then finishing of the season in the final 6 games with 45, 58, 124, 97, 80 & 79 for an average of 80.5 which well below what is expected of a ‘premium’ mid. Personally, I am recognising this boost in scores as a simple period of good form that should not be expected to last and if you are looking to trade in you will be getting less points than his season average as you have already missed the boat on some of his bigger scores.



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