Poll – Real Deal #3

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 12 2018

TheOriginalForce asked the question in the Polling Station on Monday and we’re only too happy to help………….

Currently the 2nd highest scorer in Supercoach 2018 (to Tom Mitchell), Jack Macrae has been very impressive for the Dogs despite some heavy losses in the opening two Rounds.  120, 142 & 131 is a massive output from 2017s #1 FWD.  Since losing his Dual Position Status, Macrae’s ownership has plummeted to just 1.6% as a MID only.

Can Macrae keep us this form all year?  Or will something stop him from becoming an elite midfielder?

Is Jack Macrae the 'real deal' in 2018? Will he finish as a Top10 MID?

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11 thoughts on “Poll – Real Deal #3”

  1. He’ll crush it this year and end up as a top 10mid after losing his forward DPP, same as Zorko and Zerrett last year.
    He’s an upgrade target for me this year for sure.


  2. Said it once, I’ll say it again. When Zorko, Dusty and Z.Merrett all lost their FWD DPP the other year, they started in less than 5% of teams. They all ended up as top 10 midfielders and we were all scrambling to bring them into our teams throughout the season. If I recall, it was the same for Dangerfield the year before.

    These types of guys spend a lot of time forward as they get introduced into AFL as they don’t have the capacity for full midfield time and play stints there hence the DPP. As they rise to the top averaging forwards (avg 105) it’s clear midfield is taking up most of their time and the following year, Champion Data drop their DPP status.

    This causes us all to shy away, but what’s really happening is the player is making the move to full time midfield and with another year and pre-season under their belt, they are getting ready to rip the game apart.

    130 is unsustainable but 393 points is a nice boost on his way to a season average of 110+ which at his price and bye, was a great starting POD.


      1. Sydney may be a little harder to predict with Hanners, JPK and Parker along with a few more more fantasy relevant players eating up team points compared to the other teams but would definitely look at it with his natural progression. 80, 96, 105 and then 110+ (?)


  3. A natural ball magnet & decent user of the ball too.
    Only query for me is how he copes with the tag when it inevitably comes.
    I wish I’d started with him.


  4. Thank you for input. Seems he was a good starting player. But now a wait for a bit and see(merritt,neale even danger etc) Unless sideways trading for an injured player?


  5. I recommended him at the start of the season as a great POD.

    That being said i still didn’t listen to my own advice and therefor didn’t pick him! Not that im complaining with any of my current mids however.



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