Poll – Replacing Pendles

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 19 2017

So you’ve made the decision to purge Pendles from your line-up but you are running low on trades and cash.ย  You’d love a decent replacement for the last six weeks of the season but only have $500k to spend.ย  Who is the best MID replacement under $500k?ย  Which cheap MID will bring you the most pts over the last six weeks?


Best replacement for Pendles under $500k? (three choices)

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11 thoughts on “Poll – Replacing Pendles”

  1. Current thoughts – Pendles/Newman out, Adams/Heeney in

    Means I play Jack Macrae at M8.

    I don’t have Adams and he is great value this week. Plus I already have Duckwood.


  2. Way out of the box suggestion, but I already have Jelwood and Hanners, and am struggling a bit for rank, so need a big POD to come home hard with. Therefore, Jack Steven will most likely be coming into my team this week for Pendles; has the ability to go huge, and I think teams are becoming less likely to tag him as the Saints overall midfield depth appears to have improved even over the past month or so. Fingers crossed!


    1. Not a fan of the Saints fixture. Doesn’t look like they’ll win most of their remaining games which will hurt SC scores.


  3. Being the conspiracy theorist that I am, what’s to be read into Danger going to Adelaide early and not with the rest of the team?
    I think there’s a few friend’s that he wanted to catch up with over there and since he was no chance of playing decided to go early.Watch for him to be a late out if selected tonight.


    1. You think a first-time father would willingly be let out by his wife to catch up with mates? I got other experiences ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. I’m worried about GAJ, with 4 out of their remaining games being played away and his apparent propensity for not liking to travel, I’m thinking that he’s becoming a huge liability.
    TU straight trade for Jelwood
    TD hold , he’s just managing an old body.



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