Poll – Replacing Selwood

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 8 2017

After being concussed mid-season, many Supercoaches jumped on Joel Selwood following his inevitable drop in price.ย  A cruel blow has now been dealt with Selwood set to miss the last three games of the Supercoach season.ย  The search for his replacement already began on Friday night.

For arguments sake, let’s say you didn’t have any extra cash in the bank.ย  Who would be the best value replacement for Selwood over the remaining three weeks?


Who is the best value replacement for Joel Selwood? (three choices)

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14 thoughts on “Poll – Replacing Selwood”

  1. I know its only meant to be for players cheaper than Selwood but you would think most people would have at least 5k spare which would allow either Gray or Menegola who I think will both have a great run home.


  2. Can we get a poll for replacements if you have a bit of coin in bank?

    I’ve narrowed my decision down to J Kelly, Neale, Zorko and Matt Crouch (He has just joined list as the biggest POD opportunity and with great recent form).
    Zorko and Neale keep rotating as the race leader due to having more runs on the board than other two. Zorko has in his favour a great schedule in last three games, Neale has in his favour more reliability, he rarely goes under 80 whereas Zorko has done that on a number of occasions this season.


  3. Ive got two trades left and a bit of cash left in the bank,

    I can use one trade and get anyone around his price or even Zerrett/Sloane or I can use two trades and get any mid.

    I keep changing my mind on what to do so ill put it to the coaches…

    T/U use one trade – Theres already been carnage and there will be more so keep one trade

    T/D Use the double trade and get Titch or someone premo, the extra points are vital in finals


  4. Probably not the right column to have a vent but I’m going to anyway – can’t believe how many of my trade-ins this year have ended up in tears. I mean…..Lloyd, Jelwood, Rocky, Cousins, Pickett, Montagna, Harbrow, Balic, Lynch, Riewoldt, Grundy. I’m lucky to be at 25K o/a. The end.



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