Poll – Rocky IV

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 15 2017

Quite sure we’ve seen this film before……….

Tom Rockliff is currently the #1 Supercoach player running at a 123avg.  Four scores of 135+ and a further three over 100+ have Rocky staring at another big season.  If only he could stay on the park………

After being hamstrung by hamstring/back inuries over the last three years, Rocky dislocated his left shoulder with only two minutes remaining against Hawthorn.  Good news is that it ‘popped’ back in straight away but further scans today will determine the extent of the injury.

Over the last three seasons, Rockliff has played 18, 16 & 17 games respectively.  Is he worth holding onto with this fresh injury?  Will he miss too much game time?  Tell us your thoughts on Rocky……..



How would you handle Tom Rockliff right now?

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8 thoughts on “Poll – Rocky IV”

  1. I will keep Rocky even if He is out for 4 weeks. He is worth it. I would just consider him on extended bye. I got burned with Riewoldt in the start of the season. I won’t lose a trade again except if the scans say he is out for the season.


  2. I will also bench him if it means he is not available until round 12. Only traded him in last week so keen to get more than 1 game out of him.
    Option of a sideways trade doesn’t appeal to me at this stage as if I stick to the plan of 1 down 1 up this week and bench Rocky it is effectively sideways trading in terms of on field scoring. Obviously don’t end up with the cash ITB but hey who needs cash :/
    Fingers crossed no surgery required as this could be the difference between 1-2weeks from 4-8weeks.
    He already had it strapped by the looks so maybe a history which could be positive in playing through it….scraping the barrel for a positive


  3. If I had him I would probably hold as I have had Greene and Beams sit on the bench the last 2 weeks and treloar last week. Definitely worth keeping with his scores


  4. I guess it all depends on how many trades people have left, and how long he is going to be out for, and what rookie cover people have on the bench. I’ll be holding him unless he’s going to miss weeks, and will be trading in Myers for a non playing rookie.


  5. “It’s unlikely he’ll play against Adelaide but you never know with Tom,’’ Noble said.

    “We’ll let it settle for 24 hours or so we get a clearer picture from the scans but it was a relatively normal dislocation.

    “Some guys have played the next week with it because it settled down quickly and they can get their strength back around the shoulder so it will depend on those things with Rocky but we’ll know more after the scans.’’


  6. Finally some solid news about this topic.

    From the AFL app:

    Rockliff has been ruled out for the Round 9 clash against.

    From Lions Head of Medical, Peter Blanch:

    “It’s going to keep Tom out for 2 or 3 weeks”

    I was planning to hold but I’ll have to think more on this now. Could be an NRoo situation but with the Lions Bye Round coming up it makes sense for the team to hold him out to fully recover. I will have to think about this more.



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