Poll – Rookie Move?

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 22 2016

As requested by Luke………..


I don’t necessarily condone the trading of the following list of rookies.  Just consider the following scenario:  Your season hasn’t started quite as you would’ve liked.  Your calculated gambles haven’t paid off, that breakout contender is plummeting in price and your current premos are stinking it up.  You want to cut a rookie or two early in order to upgrade to an elite player elsewhere.  Below is a list of Rookies that are currently averaging under 70 points per game.  Which Rookie/s would you trade out first right now? (You have five choices!).


Poll - Rookie Move? (max. five choices)

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15 thoughts on “Poll – Rookie Move?”

  1. I have keays (bris) sitting in my mids doing nothing. thinking about trading him to j.lyons (adel)

    tu good trade
    td don’t do it


    1. Keays is going great guns in the NEAFL (29 touches and six tackles in a 100 point loss last weekend) and is this close to getting a run in the big stuff. Hold.


  2. All my premos are travelling well, ranked top 1%… No need to panic there… Yet…
    I wanna build a war chest to get a premium mid next week for a Priddis, Hanners etc…
    Current premo mids Fyfe, Ablett, Danger, Parker, Gray, maybe Libba…

    Trade out Papley and Kennedy for Byrne-Jones and the other Byrne… Double trade good idea?


  3. Thoughts on trading Gresham out and bringing in J Lyons before his price increase.
    Thumbs up- Bring in Lyons
    Thumbs down- Hold Gresham


  4. Should I do a double downgrade by taking out Jason Johanissen –> Darcy Byrne jones and taking out tom papley –> Ciaran Byrne


    Just trade Johannisen for Darcy and then upgrade Matt crouch to Hannebery or Fyfe


  5. How do complete this as per comments when one is back other is a forward
    as per commented.

    tom papley –> Ciaran Byrne



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