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Written by Schwarzwalder on April 4 2018

Mr Fosak & Daniel Z requested a Ruck poll in the Polling Station yesterday.  They’re looking for the best replacements for Paddy Ryder and possibly Matty Kreuzer, if he doesn’t get up for this Round.

So which Rucks would you recommend for your fellow SCT Coaches at the minute? This is already assuming you have Gawn, of course.  Will Goldy continue to ruck solo?  Can Witts keep up his early season form?  Help us out………


Best Ruck Replacement for Ryder? (two choices)

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12 thoughts on “Poll – Ruck Replacements”

  1. English. WB have very few options in big forwards or rocks and he will still get a decent price rise.

    Kreuz will be back soon.

    Ryder to Witts though. He’s gone for a while, and you had already planned for round 9 bye


    1. Disagree about the Bulldogs, they have Boyd, Roughead, Trengove, English and Redpath is sure to come straight back in this week
      Think English is one bad game away from a stretch in the VFL


      1. English would appear to be around for a few more weeks – Roughie under going concussion test this week, Trengrove will miss 3-4 weeks with a cracked shoulder blade, Boyd is still not 100% coming back from injury and personal issues.

        Hoping he lasts until the Port/GC bye definitely is risky.


      2. Roughead concussed. Boyd is underperforming in VFL and won’t get s game in a higher grade. Schacht “injured” and can’t even get a game in VFL.

        Trengove will play and probably ruck before English though.


  2. Worth noting that Jacobs and Witts both play Melbourne and hence Gawn twice this year. With Gawn capable of making other rucks look second rate at times (see Martin’s 63 this weekend) I’d steer clear of them.

    The only other one worth being wary of is sandilands. Nic Nat, Kreuzer, Bellchambers, Grundy and Ryder all play big Sandi twice but I don’t expect this to impact their scoring nearly as much as it used to when he was dominating.

    In other words I think Goldstein and Martin are the stand out options for ruck replacements as their draw is kinder for ruck opposition.


    1. Two words: Archie Preuss.

      The reduction in output brought about by their presence – and North and Brisbane are both developing sides, so make no mistake, both will want to get games into their up-and-coming ruckmen at some stage – will be far greater than having to play Gawn twice: 20 to 30 points (or more) lost PER GAME that the underlings play, compared with maybe 40 points for the second game against Gawn (everybody will have to play him at least once, so only the second game is relevant).


  3. A Critique of Every Other Option, or, Why Isn’t Sam Jacobs In 100 % Of Teams?

    — In the order of current poll results —

    Goldstein: He’ll score well when he’s on his own, but Pruess is going to play sooner or later. Brad Scott may have said that he wants to play one ruck for now, but the fact is that North Melbourne is a young, developing team, and will want to get games into its up-and-coming ruckman. They also know that if they don’t, he’ll get fed up and leave; lots of clubs would love a 22 year old ruckman of his calibre.

    Naitanui: The guy is held together with duct tape – he has missed 44 games in the last 5 years. Even if you exclude last year, that’s still 22 in 4, or 5.5 games per year. He’ll probably score well while he lasts, but it’s ultimately going to end up costing you two trades. Take it from someone who has been there: this is a much bigger deal than you think.

    Nankervis: This one is actually not a bad option. He’s only missed one game through injury in his career (2 if you count being rested), but he did get himself suspended once last year. He has started very well this year, but he also got off to a flying start last year, averaging 91 over his first 6 games, before averaging just 78 from rounds 8 through 21. At 23, he does have upside, but being only slightly cheaper than the likes of Sam Jacobs, I would want to see him pump out good scores for a whole season before jumping on board.

    Martin: Basically everything I said about Goldstein, plus the fact that he’s 31, and the last couple of years notwithstanding, his overall injury history is less than reassuring.

    Witts: Injury-prone, and has a very awkward bye.

    McEvoy: Ceglar will still be out for the next couple of weeks, but given the choice, Clarkson will almost certainly want to play two ruckmen.

    Grundy: Mason Cox.

    Bellchambers: You know what I said about Nic Nat being held together with duct tape? Bellchambers is even worse.

    — The Alternative —

    What if I told you there was a ruckman who had missed just 4 games in 6 years?
    What if I told you that he had a cumulative average of 99 across that time?
    What if I told you there was zero chance of him sharing the ruck? That his club was ranked 18th for ‘players used’ for the last three years in a row? That his club was playing for the here-and-now, and couldn’t give a stuff about developing its younger ruckmen?


    His name is Sam Jacobs. He plays for the Adelaide Crows. And he’s in just 7 percent of teams.


    1. Excellent summary, and agreed that Jacobs is a ‘safe’ option, although I’d also add Jacobs to the list of concern players, potentially being ‘too safe’:

      – His age (he turns 30 next week)
      – His Supercoach trajectory (115, 108, 87, 96 from 2014-2017) vs.
      – His AFL Fantasy trajectory (97, 96, 88, 99 from 2014-2017)

      His SC / AF ratio has been on the decline over the last few years, which indicates he’s being negatively affected by the new hitout rules.

      However, he does now have additional MID support this year with Gibbs, plus Sloane, Crouch, etc., so maybe he might be able to reverse this.

      He’s definitely an option people should consider, and his ability to put together 20+ games a season is quite valuable, but people should keep their expectations realistic about what he can score.


      1. With a career high of 164, and a 2017 high of 141, his ceiling isn’t that bad.

        Even if if was, with the lack of cover this year I’m happy to trade in a ceiling for durability and role-security.


  4. Sam was in my side all preseason , decided to start with Nic Nat knowing it MAY cost me a trade at some stage during the season, but shouldn’t lose money on him. Sam will come in similar to his starting price should anything go awry there.



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