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Written by Schwarzwalder on June 1 2017

Lukapies requested this one from The Polling Station, be sure to help him out here……….

Scott Selwood was developing into quite a handy midfielder at his time at the Eagles.  He even managed a 104 avg over two full seasons before injury troubles set in for the better part of three years.  Seeking a fresh start in Geelong, Scooter has returned in 2017 with an impressive couple of games, scoring 103 & 112.  Priced at just $281k and with cash generation being a major problem this year, has Scooter put his hand up as an option going forward?  What are your thoughts?


Is Scott Selwood (GEE) worth a look at his price?

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9 thoughts on “Poll – Scooter Selwood”

  1. No from me. Just don’t have the trades remaining to support it. If I skip him I’ll have a full 22 premiums next week so it’ll just delay this stage anyway.


  2. I am a little bias being a Cats supporter, however he is a tackling machine. I am not sure what you get points wise for a tackle but he has 34 tackles over the last two weeks at an average of 17 a game.
    That alone will see him make a ton of money, question mark is tomorrow where he might have a role to do on The Sloane Ranger.


    1. A tackle is worth 4 points, so he’s had 68 points each game from them so far. His highest averaging season, he averaged something like 8-9 tackles per game. Can his body handle 17 tackles a game? Can he double his best season ever? Only getting 40 points from disposals, what happens if his tackles drop off?

      Sure he’s possibly tagging Sloane this week but the argument there is he will be drawn to the contests so the opportunity to tackle will still be there and I’m sure he’ll get the his hands on the ball too when Geelong win it.

      If you have heaps of trades, he is definitely a good stepping stone as he’ll continue to make money whilst also providing more points – win win.


  3. I am, but I need R13 players a lot, and am replacing Eddy with him. If he can score an average of 85 I will take the cash or the points at his cost. I’m ok on trades, but with cash going badly he seems like a good punt. Is a punt, hardly a sure thing, but sometimes you have to do things that have a chance to go well.


  4. I honestly believe that at this stage of the season you shouldn’t even think of taking unnecessary risks. We had our JOM, Fyfe etc..moment. Time, now is down to serious business. Don’t be on FOMO. (Fear Of Missing Out) Your team should be settled and you just need final fine tuning with proven scorers. Except if you still have 22 trades, only bring in people that will stay to the end.
    I Brought him in as an M6 . I expect +/- 80. If he does more great if not you are not losing much because of his value. And I can afford to have him sitting on my bench pass the byes. He will do heaps of tagging on big games so expect few sub 50 scores


  5. He’s in.

    Will be a handy M9 so I see him as a keeper first emergency more than a ‘stepping stone’.



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