Poll – Slam Dunk(ley)

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 26 2019

One week on and here we are again……….

Have you used the cash elsewhere to upgrade already?  Have you already given up on Dunkley?  Or does he get another chance against the Dockers this week?  Can he bounce back to his late 2018 form? What would you recommend that his owners do with Dunkley?

What to do with Josh Dunkley (WBD)?

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10 thoughts on “Poll – Slam Dunk(ley)”

    1. Doesn’t look good enough to me. Burgess won’t drop in price when he’s not playing. Looks knackered so may be better for the rest if/when he returns. Will make a half decent DEF loophole to maximise onfield pts for now.


  1. Little known fact, Schwarz has these polls preloaded for weeks on end. He already has a poll ready for Rocky in round 5 2020.


  2. As a Dunkley owner, I’m disappointed I started him over Kelly. His bye was the deciding factor. Turns out Mr Magnets has done us. We were all aware of the risks.
    All that said, he’s now priced at a 90.3 ave., so shouldn’t drop much more. One injury or a change of heart from Mr Magnets could see him increase his returns substantially. I don’t see any value in trading him now. Worst-case he’ll be an F6/7-M9 loophole.
    HOLD for me.


    1. my last team selection headache before I settled on my opening round line-up was Dunkley/Boak at F3…being a Power supporter and hearing inside info – which I did share in a thread here somewhere, was that Boak and Ebert were swapping roles as Mid/Fwd’s so I bit the bullet and chose Boak over Dunks – who I really rate, everything is right for him…except possibly Mr Magnets…


      1. I remember your post mate. It was only his age and recent history that put me off. I just wasn’t convinced that the role change would be as permanent as it has turned out to be. Congrats on starting him Steverino! 🙂

        For non-Dunkley owners, if there is a MID-injury at the Doggies and Dunks is given the role/opportunity, I’d be jumping on in a flash!


  3. Crackpot theory:
    Last year McClean and Dunkley switch roles half way through the season. Some suggested this was a prearranged planning move by the dogs to get the most out of both players. Try and keep them fresh across the year.

    I’m keeping an eye on McClean and Dunkley around their byes to see if they get swapped into a midfield role.

    I thought with Bonts initially but unfortunately Bonts have developed what I’m jokingly calling a “Freudian Kick” where a player subconscious misses shots on goal so he doesn’t get moved forward. He is currently a brutal 1 goal 9 behinds for the season.



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