Poll – Snakes & Ladders

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 3 2017

Freo Tragic would like to know where you are ranked currently.  Is it an improvement on last years effort or have you dropped off the pace a touch?  What has been your highest ranking during the year?  Thanks Coaches!


Compared to last year, have you improved / dropped in the Rankings?

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Where are you currently ranked overall?

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26 thoughts on “Poll – Snakes & Ladders”

  1. Last season I peaked at 9998 in rd 16.
    This season I planned better for byes, organised loophole options and I have
    run out of trades earlier and my best rank has been 33k ( I don’t know how
    either !!)
    I think a few poor rookies at the start and perhaps what I thought were premos
    who weren’t hurt the most.


  2. 2016: Peaked 563 (Rd11), finished 1,229
    2017: Peaked 274 (Rd12), currently 700

    Set out to crack top 1,000 at the start of the year so would be nice to hold from now til end.


    1. So I’ve got this cafe in Bondi and some of the Swans boys come in regularly.

      I was talking to one of the Swans today and jokingly asked if I needed to trade JPK out of my S/C team.

      The guys are usually tight lipped on selections but he said yes! JPK will miss this week.

      I then rode my luck and asked if lloyd will miss too. No he said! Lloyd right to go.

      So unless they are messing with me I can confirm J Lloyd in JPK out!


      1. This kind of intel is fantastic. You should write a weekly column on here with stuff you’ve overheard from (or that has been volunteered by) Swans players in your cafe.


        1. Jack.

          I’m not sure I can reliably give news on selections.

          They may of just been pulling my leg!

          I guess we will see when teams are named.

          I can tell you Callum Sinclair had a Bacon and egg roll and a skinny latte the morning he went out and scored 148.


  3. Thanks Guys.

    I started poorly R1 45K.

    By round 5 I had cracked the top 5k.

    I have managed to yo yo inside the top 8K for most of the year.

    I’m now just hanging on to the top 5k at 4942.

    Pretty happy as my past best rank was 15729 in 2015.

    I would like to thank all those that contribute to SCT.

    The best SC site by a mile!


  4. I started badly being 79000 after round one but gradually improved to peak at 1944 at round 16. Last few weeks has seen me slide to 4942. With under performing premos and injuries. Hopefully with 4 trades left I can reverse the trend. Last year my peak was 28996 in the last round. 2015 I started with a lot of PODS and began brilliantly to finish round one at 141 place. By round 3 ,I was in the 32000s proving why my selections were PODS (duds). I recovered to 1293 but ran out of trades and finished 14360. This is my 4th year playing hopefully wiser and having more trades left for the finals.
    Good luck everyone.


  5. Definitely dropped this year, and it’s pretty clear that my initial team selection was very flawed (both rookies and ‘premos’). Round 1 ranking was 98k, and it’s been an uphill struggle since. Here’s to 2018.


  6. Interesting how is pans out – with all planning and knowledge in the world this game still inevitablely comes down to luck and gut-feel.

    I like to think I’m up there in SC, however:

    2015 – 62nd
    2016 – somewhere towards 10,000
    2017 – 600th odd and hard to know which direction I’m heading!

    Good times, regardless!


    1. Buncha.

      At least you’re still a chance to achieve SC glory and win the inaugural SCT CUP!

      Power Rangers knocked me out in the round of 16.

      So I will be backing you all the way home.

      Best of luck!


      1. Written the SCT Cup preview and it’s in the hands off Schwarz and Motts now. Super effort to get all the way through to the final. Reckon you should finish top 500 as you’ve been pumping some impressive scores out of late.


  7. These types of polls are always a good read FT, thanks for the idea.

    Peaked early at 94 after a massive 2425 round 2 score. Couldn’t maintain it and currently 1399 with a mid season high of 1127.

    Slightly up on last year with a peak of 1776 in round 11, fading to finish 3.5k

    Best ever finish of 19th overall in 2014, but followed it up with a 6k finish 2015.


  8. Always started poorly and come home well. Though, hmmm, maybe my strength is the mid season trades and not the squad selection. Always thought, if only i get off to a flyer i’ll have that cracking season i’ve always wanted. After the first couple of rounds this season i was just out of the top 3K and thought i’m good, here we go, top 1K or better from here. Then things soured, i made pour trades and got into worse trouble. I’m now floating just inside the top 20K. Terrible ranking for a past LoEC 1 winner (just had to throw that one in there!!).


  9. Had a terrible Pre-season

    Started R1 at 63,244

    Peaked R16 at 27,432

    Currently 31,414 🙁

    Comfortably my worst season of SC in 7 years, still amoungst quality company in CattasSCTchallenge giving me hope with an overall league ranking just outside the top 100.


  10. 2015 (my first year playing): Peaked at 6904 (round 1), hovered between 10K and 17K between round 5 and the byes, finishing at 48,706. Not bad for a first attempt.

    2016: Peaked at 45,566 (again round 1), went backwards until round 8 (bottoming out at 96,991), before finishing at 72,760. Second-year blues?

    2017: Peaked at 276 (round 10), currently at 7775. Third-year breakout?

    During my three-year fantasy career, I’ve tended to perform significantly better in the Dream Team codes (Fantasy and RDT) than I have in SuperCoach. A brief mid-season purple-patch notwithstanding, this year has been no exception.


  11. 2016: Peaked 24th (RD 19) Finished 87th
    2017: Peaked 2811 (RD 5) Currently 3195

    Been a frustrated year to say the least and have made some terrible decisions throughout which have cost me. Still hasn’t been a bad year ranking wise i guess you could say. However my standards might have been a tad too high after my good run last season!!


  12. Finished in the 1100’s last year, currently 504 with 5 trades so hoping to climb into the 200’s.
    Still rueing Heater over Doc, what might have been…


  13. Ranks by season

    2014 – 33,807
    2015 – 10,464
    2016 – 27,253
    2017 – 2,758

    I hope to recover from last weeks disaster where I dropped out of the top 2k, but the end of the season is always tough. If I can claw my way back up into the top 2k for the end of the season I will be very happy.

    The big change for me is I am doing well in my leagues for the first time. And I may finally have made myself ineligible to run my “never finished in the top 5K” league next season.



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