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Written by Schwarzwalder on April 6 2017

Normally I wouldn’t recommend such a trade, but this has been coming up a lot in Trade Talk.ย  If there are any weeks where you can make the trade of Taranto to Will Hoskin-Elliott, then it’s this week before the price rises.

Taranto was uninspiring in Adelaide (44pts) before a respectable 71 against the Gold Coast Witches Hats on Saturday ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  While that’s not the end of the world, WHE has impressed in his first two games as a Magpie.ย  After scores of 88 & 120, Supercoaches have identified WHE as a must-have rookie.ย  Is it worth moving on Taranto for WHE?ย  What are your thoughts on the topic?


Would a trade of Taranto to Hoskin-Elliott be a good move?

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13 thoughts on “Poll – Taranto/WHE”

  1. I would have thought there would be more pressing needs in most teams than to do this. Taranto will be solid and its unlikely that WHE keeps up a 104 average. WHE looks the better option but Taranto also looks a viable rookie pick, can’t say that about many of the others rookies this year.


    1. Agree, not a must do trade but if you have nothing else to do at all and your team is in a good position, you could get away with it with the quicker cash generation.


  2. This may be my 1 trade this week but I am worried Taranto will find his feet and start pumping out similar scores to WHE and the trade will be wasted.


  3. I also want to bring in WHE for cash generation, I have Florent and Taranto. I think Taranto has a more promising outlook than Florent cash wise. Thoughts?

    T/U Florent – WHE
    T/D Taranto – WHE


  4. Why not both?

    Was definitely tempted but decided against it and could afford to go Pickett > WHE instead.

    Taranto’s 44 drops out next week so a score over 60 against the Roos will still result in a negative BE. $$$ will be made.

    Plus he’s playing in the guts – encouraging signs!


  5. Any word on when Coniglio/Deledio coming back? That might affect my decision of whether to go Taranto > Hoskin-Elliott.


    1. At this stage Coniglio still listed as 4 weeks and Deledio out indefinitely. I think his JS is pretty safe at the moment. Im willing to give Taranto more time.


  6. I feel its a wasted trade if Tarintino is playing, WHE could come out with a 50 this week against swans. Tarintino could match WHE scoring so not worth trade. There are plenty of other rookies on the horizon to make cash.


  7. Have done the Taranto – WHE trade about 10 times this week, and reversed it every time – if only I had left myself enough cash to get rid of a different rookie, such as Pickett, Parfitt or Barrett. Taranto or Roughy are the only 2 options so have regretfully decided to pass on him. After all, Jamie Elliott isn’t far off returning for the Pies, so could impact the scores of WHE.

    Will be doing the J Smith to Otten trade, so will probably leave it at that, or is it worth doing the 2nd trade of Pickett to Houston?

    TU : Pickett to Houston
    TD : Not needed, save the 2nd trade. Repeat to myself “Trades are gold”.


    1. Lisa – gday!!

      If Houston is still in the Port side (when named today) with both Hartlett and Pittard also back, then I will be going Pickett or Parfitt to Houston.

      Houston is definitely not an essential rook IMO though.


  8. It seems a little sideways, both with similar scoring potential but WHE probably better JS.

    Luckily i have enough cash to trade another rookie. The question is who, Picket, Parfitt or Florent.

    Or do i flick 2 and bring in Butler as well. Thoughts?


  9. I’m going another option. Outski for that dud cam McCarthy. Welcome whe. Am I the only with cam McCarthy in his side??



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