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Written by Schwarzwalder on July 12 2017

Continuing on with our ‘Ideal Team’ polls for the week, we turn our attention to the core of the team…….The MIDs.

As with Docherty in the backline, Patrick Dangerfield is so far ahead of the pack that I’ve left him out of the following poll.ย  In short if you haven’t got him in your side, then you’re up a certain creek without means of steering ๐Ÿ˜‰

So which Midfielders are essential for the last seven weeks?ย  Disregarding your current line-up for a moment, who would you choose to see out the season in your midfield?ย  The poll is listed in order of averages & the cut-off was a 104 avg.ย  Will Gazza return and dominate?ย  Can Kelly keep up his massive numbers?ย  Does Tom Mitchell ever play a bad game in brown&gold?ย  Tell us your thoughts, Coaches………


Which eight Midfielders would you like to see in your team over the last seven weeks?

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9 thoughts on “Poll – The Core”

    1. Cut-off was a 104 avg, he’s at 101. I hope you’re right but he doesn’t get to play against North every week (two of his biggest scores this year)……


  1. Who would have thought Dusty, Zerrett and Zorko would have all been in the top 6 scorers for the season to date. Dusty started with 11% ownership and the other two at 3.5% – They all lost appeal with no FWD status but looks like they should never have been doubted.


  2. Ward and Parker are both worth considering.

    After very slow starts their numbers over the last month have been very impressive.

    My current Mids are ; Danger, Dusty, Jellwood, Sloane, Neale, Fyfe, JPK, Cripps.

    Cripps lasted less than a Q in my side for a total of 25 points. Ouch.

    As much as I can see the value and durability of Parker and Ward I’m thinking of going Zorko.

    Cant help but think I would be looking elsewhere if he didn’t pump out a massive score this week.

    Should I be looking at Zerrett, Kelly, TMitch.

    I will be checking out these players draws coming home before making my final decision.

    With so few trades and $ at a premium this is a very big call.

    Thanks for the Polls Schwartz.


    1. Zorko looking very good but does have a habit of shockers and has been known to underwhelm with a tag.


    2. Freo Tragic – yep, this decision is also doing my head in this week.

      Scooter is going from my side, and my choice is out of Dusty, Titch and Zorko.

      After looking at their run home, I think I have narrowed it down to either Titch or Zorko (but Dusty can go big)!!!

      For the SC finals, Dusty is up against Haw (MCG) / Geelong (Skilled), Frem (Domain) / and then St K (MCG) for the S/C GF.

      Slightly tougher run home in these 4 SC finals games that the other two I mention – but it is not awful apart from the Geelong game !!!

      FWIW, I would go Zerrett if I was you – but all of the guys you mention should be good.



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