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Written by Schwarzwalder on April 29 2019

Stewy The Swan is currently sitting inside the Top50 overall and would like to know if Caleb Daniel (WBD) is a Top6 FWD for this season.  Do you consider Daniel a must-have FWD for 2019?

With scores of 104, 120, 96, 93, 100 & 102, it’s easy to see the attraction to Daniel this year.  He’s been taking a lot of the Dogs’ kick-ins and has generally been the extra man in defence.  In a tricky year for FWDs, that sort of consistency is very valuable.  So would consider Daniel a Top6 FWD for 2019?


Is Caleb Daniel a Top6 FWD for 2019?

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15 thoughts on “Poll – The Hobbit”

  1. Every time I see him runnin’ around with the ball the Benny Hill Theme starts playing in my head.


  2. He may end up being a top6 FWD, but I think it’ll be because of what he’s ALREADY delivered and NOT from this point to season’s end.
    Frankly, Mr Magnets worries me sh1tless and a role change could be a week away. He’s a gun and with his current role I don’t doubt he’ll be consistent, but …
    I think there are likely better options and it may just be his price that makes him attractive.
    To be honest I’ve no idea after the top3, but what I do remember from last year only Westhoff was a top6 FWD pre-and post-Rd10. Can’t remember them all but Darling, Gray and McLean bombed, Menegola, Hawkins and Riewoldt boomed.
    I guess my point is, at this time in the year it’s be shrewd to focus on the DEFINITES, you can leave the maybes til later. Unless you have them all already. I know I don’t, so that’s my sole focus. That and decent downgrades anyway 🙂


  3. How much do you trust Bevo or as I know him #FULB. Last year with McLean and Dunkley great example of what he might do, so will something like this happen to Daniel. If you trust Bevo go for it, but I’m holding off due to the #FULB nature


  4. Brought him in last week instead of Walters, quite happy so far.
    I was worried for his role before JJ came back in, but Daniel has definitely maintained his role and scoring.


  5. C Daniel:
    Since 2018 (inc 2019) has averaged 82.04% Time on Ground.
    SC Avg when TOG equals/exceeds 83%: 93.85 from 13 (low of 44 and a high of 120, 7/12 below 100, 1/12 120+)
    SC Avg when TOG below 83%: 72.08 from 13 (low of 37 and a high of 120, 10/13 below 100, 1/13 120+)

    All 6 games in 2019 have been 83% or + TOG.

    Averaged 22.58 disposals since 2018.
    SC Avg when disposals equal/exceed 23: 99.21 from 14 (low of 75 and a high of 120, 6/14 below 100, 2/14 120+)
    SC Avg when disposals below 23: 64 from 12 (low of 21 and a high of 109, 11/12 below 100)

    Also in 2019 he is operating at 82% disposal efficiency with 80% kicking efficiency.


  6. I have my worries, but as a Dogs supporter I’m likely just paranoid. He’s a lovely user of the ball but will consistently take on the hardest option which when playing in the back lines nearly always leads to goals. That coupled with when he gets caught out deep against key forwards leaves me to think there’s a chance his role gets changed.

    Personally I’d actually much prefer him trying to hit targets inside the forward 50 more often.

    I also think that even if his role doesn’t change, he might be quite an easy player to slow down a little (has past form of having very very quiet games) and without showing a huge ceiling; a bad game will significantly hurt his average.

    With the same role though; he’ll be good more often than he is quiet.


  7. I had him in all summer as my POD. Convinced myself I was right after the first JLT and then got cold feet after he had a poor second game.
    It may sound nasty but I hope he drops off, especially while I watch the scores of my “safer” pick Dunkley.


    1. Seeing your pre season POD doing well is the absolute worst! I had Walters locked right up until the final minutes when I convinced myself to start the season ‘safe’ and take Darling


  8. Had my eye on him in preseason after his positional move at the end of last year where he scored exceptionally well. Worth noting too that JJ played in all those games.

    Daniel is basically playing the jake lloyd role. Amass plenty of possessions at the back of the ground, sweep around to receive handballs and then hit a good kick. Since hes a good kick of the ball this has been effective and led to him scoring well.

    I have complete faith in him being a top 6 fwd if he maintains this role – and honestly if he keeps playing this well I dont see how Bevo can move him. But then its Bevo and you just dont know!


    1. excuse me while I rant:
      Bevo is insane.

      In his press conference he mentioned his midfielders aren’t kicking enough goals.

      His idea of a mid kicking goals is when you play them out of the goal square like Danger or Dusty. Most sane people understand they’re the exception not the rule and a midfielder kicks goals by streaming forward and getting a hand ball receive off the high forward and running on and kicking straight.

      Bevo’s logic leads to “oh my half back Daniels isn’t kicking enough goals, lets play him out of the goal square” The guy is just out right bonkers.

      *end rant


  9. As others have noted, my only concern is Mr Magnets.

    Speaking of which, can you imagine what he’d be like if someone took his magnet board away? “MY PRECIOUS!!!”


  10. Which is the more offensive comparison here?

    TU: Caleb Daniel as a hobbit
    TD: Luke Beveridge as Gollum



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