Poll – The Talented Mr Crippsley

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 12 2017

Freo Tragic requested the following poll in our Polling Station on Monday and we’re only happy to help out.

Here’s the situation, Coaches……….you’re extremely low on trades and have no cash in the bank.  Unfortunately you just traded in Patrick Cripps last week (since he was just starting to motor along) before his unlucky injury.  So who is the best value replacement for Cripps in the MIDs?  Who will bring you the most pts for the rest of the season?  Help out Freo Tragic as best you can…………..


Which value MID would be the best replacement for Patrick Cripps? (three choices)

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4 thoughts on “Poll – The Talented Mr Crippsley”

  1. Sums up this SC season that Fyfe, Sloane, Rocky, Selwood and Hanners are all sub 500K.

    Dodged a bullet last week when I tossed between Cripps, Ward and Crouch. Went Crouch in the end. Phew!


  2. Thanks for the Poll.

    Selwood should top this list but I’ve owned him since R1.

    I will be watching closely on who else polls well.

    C. Ward $547.300 is another I’ve considered on current form and proven durability.

    I may ended up spending the extra cash and getting Zorko.

    His BE is only 34 so (heaven forbid) he goes down like Cripps, he won’t loose much cash.

    Thanks again to all the contributors on the site.

    Your are endless source of useful information and amusement.



  3. Sorry that last line should read

    You are an endless source of useful etc.

    Anyone else unable to edit their posts?



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