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Written by Schwarzwalder on May 23 2017

For arguments sake, let’s say you have Harley Balic ($215k) in your Supercoach side.  No disrespect to the young fella, we wish him all the best, of course.  But you’d love to move him on for a premium FWD.  You’ve found a way to build up your funds over the last few weeks but you fall just short of $500k after trading Balic out.

Can Toby Greene sneak a few extra goals for the Giants?  Will Tom Lynch dominate for the Suns?  Can Jack Billings hold his current form?

Would you take the risk on a forward under $500k?  Which of those FWDs can you envision being a Top6 contender from this point onwards?  Any ‘smokeys’ that you’re taking a chance on?  Tell us all about it…….


Best value FWDs under $500k from this point onwards? (max three choices)

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14 thoughts on “Poll – Moving FWD”

  1. Tom J Lynch (GCS) or NRoo the only on I’ve got my eyes on. Forward line is complete but having an extra KPP who can go massive to allow a loophole with Spuddy would be great.

    NRoo is cheap and unless he doesn’t turn some form around I will wait for Lynch to bottom out.


    1. I’ve watched Roo pretty closely over the past month after bringing him in for my Tech team, and I just can’t see him being a factor for the rest of the year. His entire game is based around his incredible mobility and endurance, and his knee just isn’t letting him do that anymore.
      I know we’ve written him off before and been extremely wrong, but SC-wise, I think he might be done.


    2. NRoo is clearly the best if fit but I doubt NRoo and fit is something we will see much of this year.

      Glad i traded him after initial injury, but could have done much better.

      At 100k cheaper he may make a useful post bye trade. If fit.


      1. Looking back now trading him out has paid dividends too, especially since it got me the Bont. Hopefully a week off (or two) will do him a world of good – he really shouldn’t have tried to get up from his 2-6 week injury after 1 week off.

        If he happens to be a F7 for just over $400k, i won’t be too displeased.


  2. What are your thoughts on Joe Daniher? He has gone up 110k this year and has been pretty consistent except for his one game against Carlton but give him some slack it was wet weather footy and a tall forward can’t do much on a day like that.

    4 tons in the last 5 games 5 rd avg of 104.5 and 3 rd of 114 and gets a lot of the ball if he can just be more like last week and go 5 straight or maybe even 4.1 will do is he worth a look at 485k and he is still going up

    3% selection could be a handy difference and has the Rd 13 bye


    1. I started with Dahl, brought in Macrae and more recently the Bont. Not sure if i want a 4th Doggies player in the team.

      Also, why are so many Doggies players mid/fwd when there’s hardly any for any other teams? They won a flag with it so hopefully everyone else does it this year which would mean next year there’ll be bucket loads of mid/fwds. Wishful thinking?


  3. Wingard could be one to come out and have a solid second half to the season +100ave. With Port playing good footy and Gray restricted to just fwd, Wingard is getting 70% mid time (no stats to prove that) and we know he can still score as a fwd.
    I have no need to take any fwd risks but for some teams it might be just the remedy.
    Added bonus from here on in is that he doesn’t miss a game due to a bye.


    1. Gutted that Wingard is out for at least this week and possibly also next week. Bye forward planning all out the window!

      Now to consider: –

      TU: Keep Wingard as he should be back for Rnd 12 and 13

      TD: Trade him to a Rnd 13 bye rookie (Greenwood) and if need get him back later.


  4. In hindsight Pedersen would’ve been a great pick up when he was on the bubble as a stepping stone to a premium.


    1. My brother had that idea as soon as Pederson was named for his first game. I poo pood him and talked him out of it. I feel bad about that now as It appears to be a season where left field thinking pays off.



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