Poll – Top 2 RUCK

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 24 2018

Now it’s the turn of the Rucks.ย  You have four choices which will give us a better idea of the Ruck Options.ย  So……which Rucks will score the most pts FROM THIS POINT ONWARDS?


Which two RUCKs will score you the most pts FROM THIS POINT ONWARDS? (four choices)

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3 thoughts on “Poll – Top 2 RUCK”

  1. NicNat is a interesting one. Will he convert his 100s from 56% TOG to 125+ with 75%? If so watch out Grundy. Or will more game time mean he has to go easier on him self dropping his PPM.

    And I cant believe i’m saying this and no I wont be trading him out (of course) but does that mean Gawn could be 3rd best this year?!

    Gawny step it up mate ๐Ÿ˜› #firstworldproblems


    1. Gidday Bluey, wish NicNat will slow down as I was hoping for a bye rd upgrade [Nanks] at a reasonable price. Don’t worry about Gawny with an ave of 116, low of 97 & high of 139, he will be number 1 at yrs end.


  2. I believe Gawn n Grundy will be the highest scorers for the year although I believe Nic Nat will be the highest avg in the second half of the year.



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