Poll – Top 8MIDs

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 24 2018

Today we continue on in our quest to find the ‘perfect line-up’ for the remainder of the season………today is the turn of the midfield…….

Remember to vote on the following poll from THIS POINT ONWARDS.  Everything that has happened between Rds 1-5 is now inconsequential.  Players are in order based on price after Rd4………….


Which eight MIDs will score the most pts from this point onwards? (eight choices)

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17 thoughts on “Poll – Top 8MIDs”

  1. Didn’t vote for Sidebottom due to the small sample size but I really think he could continue his form it looks like he is stepping up massively this year.


  2. Wondered if anyone can help.with my computer crashing and stuffing my whole sc round I’ve got myself an ipad.never used one before. The screen won’t show the log off icon, am I doing something wrong?


      1. He’ll drop this week if he plays and probably next if he doesn’t go large. His injury game only scored 51 which will count for his first two games back. Has a 200+ BE so we’ll have a couple of weeks to look at him 😉


        1. He’ll be around the 540-550k mark if he scores in the 100-120 range upon his return. Which I’ll take as my first mid upgrade at round 7 with a smile.



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