Poll – Trades & Upgrades

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 21 2019

Alex A asked the question of remaining trades in the Polling Station and we’re only happy to help………

Before making any moves for Rd10, how many trades are you sitting on right now?


How many trades do you have in hand before Rd10?

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The Salamander would like to know how many positions in your team are still occupied by rookies.  How many upgrades do you need to make before you have a ‘full team’?


How many upgrades do you need to make before you have your 'full team' together?

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22 thoughts on “Poll – Trades & Upgrades”

  1. 20 trades left
    wish i had taken rozee , miers & stack , even as later picks
    missed out on good scores & valuable $$
    being forced to field clarke , setterfield & parker most weeks has been tough
    ROH has been a lump that needs to be removed , good for the $ , but taking him @ F3 has yielded no onfield pts & pushed bines fwd , killed my fwd depth
    20/20 hindsight
    parker to whitfield this week


      1. Can’t tell you that mate
        But I’ll give you my team of spuds that’s taken me from 3 k to 20k rank in 3 rounds

        Hurn Lloyd Moore Smith Hore scrimshaw
        Clarke Ainsworth

        Neale Cripps McRae Rockliff Libba Walsh Constance Duursma
        Gibbons Atkins hayes

        Grundy Gawn

        Kelly Dunkley Boak drew baker Parker
        Setterfield bines

        Going Parker to Whitfield this week
        Watch his price plummet after that


  2. 21 trades left.
    5 rookies onfield left.
    Duursma, Scrimshaw, Walsh, baker, Corbett.

    Looking at those the weakest is Corbett, so looking to make trades this week to get him off the field.


  3. 18 Trades left.

    Rookies on field – Hore, Duursma, Balta, Baker.

    Will look to downgrade Duursma and Baker this week for a double up next week. Whitfield really threw a spanner in the works with his score this week.


  4. 19 trades left.
    Libba, Constable, Hore, Moore, Stack to go. Happy to field them a bit longer if necessary.


  5. 19 trades
    Rookies on field
    Forward line upgrades on my list over the next few weeks, trying to work in with the Byes.
    And Still have ROB on the pine, hoping to wait until G/G Rd 13 bye, but I’m struggling to not trade out to inject some awesome money he’s made me,
    (a bit like having to wait until xmas day to open your pressie’s)
    and also hoping to trade out Walsh once the byes are in play.


  6. 24 trades left – got left behind waiting for rookies to fatten up more & missed out on upgrades, still carrying 9 rookies the past few weeks with Whitfield then M Crouch on the pine, and traded out Cogs in desperation. It will be a long climb, as I’m currently ranked around 24,000 – haven’t been that low in a couple of years. It’s a big kick in the guts after finishing last season ranked 215th. Had upgrades planned for this week, but will also have injuries to Danger & Williams to worry about, and if M Crouch will be back.


  7. 21 trades left, fair way off the pace.
    Rookies on field before this weeks trades,
    Hore,duursma,walsh constable,balta , baker, petruccelle.
    Forward line needs the most work,


  8. Would be fascinated to see these teams that claim to be 3 away from full premo. Just had a glance at the top team overall and I can count about 5 non premos they’re rolling with on field.

    Me? I’m having a stinker this season and have 7 upgrades to go but it feels like more with a mixture of underperforming premos (Andrews) and injuries (currently Cogs, Crouch and Williams but also had Andrews and Whitfield miss multiples).


  9. 15 trades left (Yep addicted to trading and had a few injuries). Hore Atkins Lockhart and Petrucelle onfield. Lloyd and Boak in next week. Will I run out? Probably but I will have a full team early. Lol.


  10. 20 trades left
    Rookies on field before trades;
    Duursma, Clark, Constable & Drew.
    Moore maybe kept for D7
    Lycett for F7
    So 6 spots to fill if all goes well


  11. Have Danger, Zilliams, Mouch and Cogs.
    Have 1 spot left fwd.
    Have 2-3 spots left def.
    Have full spots ruck. (Inc. ROB)
    On current form need 8 mids. (Dropped nearly 6000 spots)
    Have 18 trades.
    Have just short of 250k to spend.
    Off to the local religious establishments to see if they need volunteers before I donate(?)* this week.



  12. 20 trades left.
    Hore, Duursma, Constable, Moore and Setterfield are my rookies onfield.
    Probably no trades this week and hope for some decent downgrades next week for Duursma and Drew or one of my other bench rookies.
    Want Whitfield and Hurn to finish my backline and Fyfe in the guts.
    Last 2 fwds are a raffle. Currently have TK, Boak, Heeney and Danger as my keepers.


    1. 18 trades remaining, about 60k in the bank. Remaining on-field rookies are:
      D – Rozee / Hore (Answerth bench)
      M – Walsh / Constable / Stack (Duursma / Hayes bench)
      F – Parker / Setterfield (Corbett bench).

      Toss-up whether Mids or Fwds are higher priority but will need to be careful with byes (I have a lot of premiums out in round 13). Plan is to get to full premo by round 15-16 but it will all depend on cash generation.


  13. 14 trades left
    D – Hore
    F – Larkey
    I have sub premos in B.Smith, Z.Williams, B.Crouch, T.Rockliff, T.Taranto, J.Worpel, C.Daniel, S.Mumford.
    Gawn/Mundy upgrades to complete through byes.



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