Poll – Trad(i)es Crack

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 29 2017

Have you been working to a trade plan?  Were you able to stick to it?  How many trades are you sitting on right now?

How many trades do you have left BEFORE the Bye Rounds?

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13 thoughts on “Poll – Trad(i)es Crack”

  1. 19 left, $412k in cash. Ranked in the top #2000.
    Planning to use 3 trades to bring in two Premos after their rd11 bye.
    Then 1up/1down for the following 2 weeks to get close to full Premo.


  2. 18 left with about 4-6. For full premium. Very hard to decide who to pick as premiums , particularly Ruck, currently have Brodie and Sandi. Would Sauce be about the only ruck going without having a 2nd coming in stuffing up he’s Ave.? Also underperfoming fwds , who’s top 6 from here on in?


  3. Taking it easy on the old ‘T’ button this year. 21 before the bye rounds. After a slow start to the season the focus quickly turned to trade conservation to prepare for League victories at the pointy end rather than climbing the overall rankings. With this strategy there’s no way Motts will beat me again in the cash league granny. Can’t have it happen a third time.


    1. I “weakened him a bit” for you in the contribs league this week MJ … should keep him “off kilter” for a bit … hahaha


  4. Howdy MJ glad to see you got your Roughy winning goal pts query answered by Champion Data on Twitter to your liking after it got you a bit worked up.
    We got a few laughs out of it until it was resolved.


  5. 20 left
    Hampton,Balic,H-Elliott,McCarthy(freo) are the main guys to go
    Maybe Hrovat & Marchbank after byes than should be done barring injuries etc which will happen, 275,000 in kitty atm


  6. Only got 17 left but been going pretty hard to make sure I win in the league that matters most to me.
    Also been only targeting the best of the best and not just a fallen premium. Costs a bit more so longer to get to full premo, but when I do – well, got that league licked!!!
    Sadly I’ve had plans like this before and somehow they just never seem to quite work out.


  7. 14. 11 left after this weeks musing, but can consider all but two backline positions filled with “premo or close enough”. Fyfe, Shaw, I’m looking at you. Pull ya socks up.

    Should be looking at 7- 8 trades left after going full premo, and at that stage will still have 29 players for plenty of depth.

    Hopefully this is enough for sidewards trades and injuries, and a few inevitable 1 up one down to a dpp donut rookie to enable enhanced positional loopholing.

    The dpp links are tough this year. I think it’s just going to be relying on extra bench players for everything bar Fwd/Ruck and Fwd/Mid.


    1. The forward line, let me put it nicely, is a cluster**** this season – who know’s whats going on there. Dahl/Macrae have fallen right off (especially the last fortnight with Wallis), NRoo/JJK are injured and missing games. Heeney and Buddy seem inconsistent. Then there is Nank/Greene/Ryder/Waite who have been suspended, Pederson who won’t last Gawn’s return, Higgins has had a late withdrawal due to injury.

      What I’m getting at is someone who is averaging 92 and playing each week is the least of FWD line worries at the moment. Worse case, will make for a decent F7/M9 swingman.



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