Poll – Upgrade To Grundy?

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 1 2018

Brodie Grundy has been unstoppable in 2018, averaging 126 pts from 18 games played.ย  Hasn’t gone under 95 pts all year and he’s scored over 130+ on nine occassions.ย  Is it essential to upgrade your R2 to Grundy for the last four weeks?

Last five weeks: 157,113, 99, 155 & 136

Last four opponents: SYD (A), BRIS (H) , PTA ( H) & FREO (A)


Todd Goldstein has recovered from a slow start to 2018 and has now scored ten tonnes in succession.

Last five weeks: 105, 102, 123, 133 & 111

Last four opponents: BRIS (A), DOGS (H), ADE (A), STK (A)


Stefan Martin has been fairly solid all year averaging 106 but has still been lagging around 20 pts (on average) behind Grundy all year.ย  Is it worth swapping over for the last couple weeks?

Last five weeks: 82, 117, 142, 110 & 142

Last four opponents: NTH (H), COLL (A), SUNS (A) & WCE (H)


Is it worth upgrading Stefan Martin / Todd Goldstein to Brodie Grundy for the last four weeks?

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10 thoughts on “Poll – Upgrade To Grundy?”

  1. G’day guys, been away for a while, so will have to catch up on all the SCT talk!
    I’m pulling the trigger this week and bringing in Grundy for Nank. IMO it all depends on your trade situation. If u have a full premo team and 3+ trades, then I would do it. If u have 2 or less, I’d be saving for injuries and players getting rested over the next few weeks. Also depends on if u r going for league or rank. If in a must win final in league, there is probably not as much point holding onto trades. For what it’s worth, here is my current situation:
    4 trades left, with 180k banked.
    Lloyd, Yeo, Laird, Simpson, McGovern, Hurley (Keefe, Ridley)
    Danger, Mitchell, Cripps, Oliver, Gaff, Cogs, Crouch, Dusty (Ahern, Sier, Powell)
    Gawn, Nank (Crossley)
    Heeney, Hoff, Smith, McDonald, Wingard, McLean (Fritch, Garlett)

    I’m tempted to also trade Cogs for Macrae, but I have the double chance in my main cash league, so holding for carnage down the track.

    Good luck to everyone in the finals thus week!


    1. Nice team and great to see you back.

      You could potentially trade Fritsch to Gray with the remaining money if you go ahead with the Grundy trade or you could bring in Macrae without trading Nankervis or Coniglio by trading Fritsch via P Ahern.

      Or you could keep Nankervis, trade Crossley to a loophole freeing up approximately 100,000 which increases your remaining salary to 280,000 which would allow you to trade Ridley to Andrews/Ryan/Webster etc in the next fortnight/3 weeks. Or you could trade Garlett to a mid/fwd to swap with Powell if injuries occur etc B Parfitt/M Walters/T Boak/B Acres/etc in the next fortnight/3 weeks.


      1. G’day Adam.
        Thanks for the advice mate, u always provide great food for thought. Thought I had it all worked out, but plenty to think about now! Cheers for the super analysis buddy


  2. Here is what I am thinking. based on having 3 trades but still relevant if you have 4.

    3 trades left but you have martin or goldy and want to get Grundy.

    Based on the above, you are looking at gaining 15 points per game and $50,000.
    There are 4 weeks left so you are adding 60 points to your score.
    If you are shooting for overall, 60 points is good but what if you have an injury to Titch, macrea, Kelly or gawn? you suddenly loose 120 points. maybe 60 if you have bench cover but if you only have one trade left now, you wont have the cover for anyone else.
    What if you lose one more?
    If a midprice premium goes down like Heeney, westhoff, laird or shaw, chances are you don’t now have the cash to go up to a decent option like Lloyd, smith, bruest, deledio.

    If you are gunning for your league, you are better off looking at an option that will either negate the opposition or find the points elsewhere. For example, loophole your bench players like ahern, miochec and moore. Alternatively, if you do have the cash, upgrade the non performing players like Savage or Franklin who still hold a little value into a shaw, howe, ryan, McGovern or Mclean, heeneymundy or westhoff.

    the 15 points per week you get from goldy/martin to grundy is unlikely to be the key to a win. It is nailing your captain choice, have a high scoring pod in one or two lines or loopholing the right rookie score.

    all this said, above all else, trust your gut and you’ll have no regrets.


    1. that 3rd line should read “Based on the above, you are looking at gaining 15 points per game, using a trade and spending $50,000 or using 2 trades.”


  3. Nice one Kid. Just reversed my trades for yet another week. Not bothered about finals and have two bites in most leagues anyway, ie can afford to lose this week.
    Going for overall, so saving these last two trades for yet another week seems a shrewd move.


      1. I have no doubt youโ€™ll beat me by a couple o thousand places mate. It is now six weeks since I made a trade ๐Ÿ˜‰



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